Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Yeti Sensation

About Yeti Sensation:

    Did you know that yetis loves berries more than anything in the world? We are joking, we invented it. However, in Yeti Sensation, you can transform into ice legend creatures and collect all the berries outside your home!
It's funny to know that this fat guy knows English fluently and has a perfect sense of what to eat and what to avoid. Play as an endless running game, Yeti Sensation is an exaggerated fun game that will make you laugh and have fun!

     All you need is your mouse to control it and you are good to go! Play your unlocked games for free online!
Oh, and remind him that bear traps are not just for bears. He thinks that it will not activate him.


Features of the Yeti Sensation Game:

    Yeti Sensation promises its players an exciting endless racing game with user-friendly controls. Plus, the game has lots of fun moments to make you laugh from start to finish! Read on to find more game features:

The game runs endlessly with simpler controls

     If you think endless racing games have the simplest control layout, wait until you play Yeti Sensation. All you have to do is control the guy left and right with a mouse and that! There is no need for you to jump hard, dodge or even touch the game in addition to hitting a direction in which it should go.

Oh and he realizes that the path he takes is endless, remember you.

Comedy every moment!

     We can stress enough of Yeti's funny feeling of the way he runs until he hits the camera and is spotted by the media. It's a game that will make you laugh while keeping an eye on its way!

     Many traps also await you. You know what people look like. They will do anything to find a yeti and get rich.

Whenever he collects, catches a purple berry, picks up a rocket or smashes an obstacle, it's always fun to see how he reacts. It was fun to talk about jokes but its challenges were serious! Although there are no jumps and ducks in the game, using the mouse to control the left and right seems difficult to do unless you have used it. In addition, obstacles do not arise more than 2 seconds at a time! Follow your steps.

Let his funny face distract you to get the best score at the North Pole!

Get these powers!

     What an endless racing game without stupid powers, right? Use magnets to collect nearby berries, use rockets to accelerate across the track, collect purple berries to score more points, use double points to hit well, double your score and the force field to prevent Yeti from 'hit a wall and collapse.

You can also upgrade them as you cycle through the pause menu - great when you have to add this clutch from an insurmountable obstacle and still want to advance with your best score.

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