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 Wordscapes by People Fun | Free online download, daily answers, tips, hacks and reviews

Have fun exploring new words with the game developer Wordscapes, People Fun for PC / Mac. Wordscapes is a spelling game with a combination of crossword puzzles and word search, in which players are provided with a few letters to form words they can think of. There is no limit to guessing riddles, but the game becomes difficult as you progress. As your level goes up, more and more letters you come up with. But once you've solved the puzzle, you'll have a detailed description of the word so you learn new words every time! Fun combination with learning elements that make these unbound school games easy to play, suitable for everyone, including children, learning new words and making money you can use to get clues or If you're stuck at a level, you pay for clues or get Wordscapes' answers to overcome words you get stuck with. Find out more about this great word game below!

Wordscapes Game Features:

Visit these magnificent destinations while stimulating your mind

     Imagine sitting at your computer and solving boring crosswords with nothing but a black and white screen. It's not very interesting, is it? Wordscapes has beautiful destinations that make solving puzzles more attractive. Picturesque HD landscape images will not only excite your eyes, but will also inspire your mind when trying to solve word puzzles. But more than aesthetics, this game will keep you entertained for hours. Without forgetting to teach you new words.

Over 3700 cross puzzles to solve

    Put on your thinking hat and prepare your frontal lobe for a lot of thinking because the creators of Wordscapes have prepared thousands of puzzles to solve. If you are a fan of crosswords or anagrams, you will love this game. Your thinking skills will be tested as you find answers to Wordscapes daily with the overwhelming number of levels you need to complete.

For other ideas of intellectual games, try 1010! Puzzles and 1Line. Like Wordscapes, you will definitely learn something new and train your brain. Quick Riddle: Did you know that intellectual games like these help you become smarter and increase your memory and critical thinking? So download the game and start playing now! link below!

No boring moments

     If you are looking for fun ways to kill your time, Wordscapes might be what you are looking for. This modern word puzzle game with challenging levels will keep your mind awake. Live only pure joy by playing Wordscapes. Join more than 10 million players around the world who can stop playing this amazing word game.

Start easily and take on challenges as you go

     You may find it interesting to find new words with three letters, but this is not how Wordscapes online game works. You will start words that are easier but more difficult to make out as you progress through all the levels. The puzzles are grouped into sections where the player can mix the letters presented to him. Slide the letters over and over when you guess the correct word. Although the game is easy to find, it is not the easiest to win. It is therefore better to keep a sharp mind! 

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