Saturday, March 28, 2020

Toy Blast


    If you are a fan of Toon Blast, you will want to try Toy Blast! They're made by the same company and everything you love about Toon Blast is also here as a toy: classic block puzzle game, exciting endless challenges, explosive animation, aesthetic Interesting and addictive cartoons and games not addictive!

    There are over 1500 levels to complete - you just have to survive for several years to immerse yourself in the game! And if you already have it with the levels, you can always join the event page where new challenges appear every day! You never run out of things to do in Toy Blast!

Toy Blast game features:

Top quality block puzzle game!

     Today there are more than hundreds of puzzle games here and there, just not the same. Toy Blast stands out from the crowd thanks to the high budget quality of the game! 60 FPS, intuitive controls, smooth animation, incredible toy colors and themes and lots of explosions that can make Michael Bay cry!

     It is not a puzzle game - it is a puzzle game that encourages players to unleash their creativity with matches to complete a level with superior animation and see impulsive toys. around the screen while you see your points accumulate higher than actual gas prices!

Creative challenges

     There are over 1500 original challenges to do in Toy Blast and none of the levels seem boring! Let yourself be surprised by the creative pieces of developers that make each puzzle unique. It depends on you how you solve these things and how you want to earn big scores. Some challenges may also require you to complete the entire level in a limited time while others require you to complete the stage in a limited number of turns. Will you be able to address them in the requests or will you restart?

Let's finish the ranking!

    There are over hundreds of thousands of Toy Blast players and you will be amazed at how many global and regional players can make it! If you have what it takes, just log into Google Play and take the challenge! Your score will be automatically included in the ranking.

Lots of events to join!

    Toy Blast organizes different levels of events every day! From the double expense reward to the arcade-style scene, these events keep Toy Blast cool.

Tips and tricks for playing toys:

Combine as many as possible 4 and 5

     This has been given in any type of puzzle game and for Toy Blast, it stays the same. Match 4 and you get a small bomb that can erase a small block radius. Match 5 and you get an explosive Rubix block that destroys much of the puzzle. Do these things and the game will also reward you with more points than matching 3 normal blocks. The best way to do this is not to look for 3 matching LE blocks as much as possible, but to think ahead.

Events and other events!

    We love the events of this game because they are more quirky than usual puzzles in normal mode. Depending on the event, you'll sometimes get different avatars, gold deposits or even a handful of premium currencies! Events also help you level up faster in normal mode. If you are looking for that big XP gain, keep participating here. Some events can be extremely difficult when you are low-level, but as you invest more time in the game, these event challenges become children's games.

Download For PC:

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