Friday, March 20, 2020

Toon Blast


Toon Blast for PC Free Download By Peak Games

    Enjoy the wonderful moment of the explosion with the characters of Toon Blast! With hilarious characters like Cooper Cat, Wally Wolf and Bruno Bear, your Toon Blast adventure is sure to be full of suspense and excitement! Progress through the levels by completing each goal to become the best Toon Blaster in town! Aim to clear as many bricks of the same color as possible in one move to get boosters like bombs, rockets and even a disco ball! Combine these boosters to unleash powerful effects to clear rows or columns of bricks.

Features of Toon Blast PC:

Tons of levels difficult to conquer

    The challenges at each level are different as you progress through the game. You won't know what will happen next in Toon Blast! Reach the target with the number of movements indicated in each level to cross it. Create boosters by clearing more than 5 blocks in a single move and get higher scores.

Updated regularly

     With the newly added episodes, the borders are endless. Many challenging levels await you! The best games are updated every 2 weeks, so you can expect new levels and seasonal events! The Ivy tights came to Toon Blast and it's growing at lightning speed!

Different powers can be used to get through difficult stages

     These boosters like bombs, rockets and disco balls to help you quickly remove bricks and get to the next level! Erase 5 connected blocks of the same color in one movement to create Rocket. Delete 7 of them to create a bomb. Remove 9 blocks to create a fancy floor ball! Create different combinations with these boosters and watch them clear the board for you!

Get useful rewards by unlocking chests

     Collect stars along the way and unlock chests filled with coins and boosters using these stars. Toon chests will be ready to be unlocked after every 10 levels completed. And a star chest can be opened with 20 stars collected. Take part in Team Chest events and work as a team to reach the star objectives!

Play with your friends

    Team up with friends and take on other players from around the world in this Toon Blast adventure! If you cannot complete the level all at once, you will be killed. After losing 5 lives, you can get more friend lives to keep playing or wait for the heart to be reborn!

Tips & tricks:

    Although it was mentioned on the Official Games support official page that they do not recommend that players open suspicious links claiming to offer free or unlimited coins and / or boosters, they I have found legitimate alternatives to get more lives by playing Toon Blast.

Join the team as soon as you reach level 20: Ask your team members about life by simply pressing the "Request a Life" button in the chat box. Team members can give you up to 5 networks every 4 hours. Therefore, if you manage to join a fairly active group, you will have a relentless heart stream to meet you!

Use coins to buy more lives.: Each life will cost 100 pcs. So keep your parts and only exchange when it is urgent!

Get the star chest:By opening Star Chest, you will gain all 5 lives, as well as other rewards. Try to clear each level with 3 stars to shorten the time to unlock star chests!

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