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The Battle Cats


Battle Cats for PC online free game at ioGround Gaming

     Meo! Aren's cats often find themselves working together. Yes, they can live together in your friend's house (Lady Lady), but other than that, they prefer to be alone with their own devices.

    In The Cat Battle, you will meet cute cats (most)! Developed by PONOS, this game is unlocked so you can use working cats to work hard to generate more income so that you have money to buy fighting cats that can protect your cat ride!

You start with the normal cat to fight and conquer other creatures of the territory in other countries. As you progress, you can unlock a whole bunch of crazy cats! After fighting the center of each country, you will gain experience points. You can buy higher level cats with these points. Develop a strategy to win! It doesn't always exceed the number, it's not always a question of speed!

5 characteristics of the game:

Many different types of cats

   Bonus points if you are already a cat lover. If you don't, then it's fine, you will become a person after this game! In The Cat Battle, you will unlock different types of exotic cats! There is a most basic cat: the cat; followed by Tank Cat (high HP), Ax Cat, Gross Cat (what is that name), Cat Cat, Bird Cat, Lizard Cat (hybrids?), Ninja Cat, Sumo Cat, Cat God, Hermit Cat, Bean Cat, etc. . There is a lot to collect, really! Cats are divided into 5 categories: Normal, Special, Rare, Super rare and Uber Super rare. Normal cats are the easiest to upgrade.

Extended games

    Cat fight is the first chapter of the trilogy, "Cat Empire". After completing the Battle of the Cats, we can play Chapter 2: Emperor of Darkness, then Chapter 3: The Revival of Bahamut-Cat. This is a tower defense strategy game. With so many different levels and challenges, you'll never get bored! Soon, you'll find yourself drawing these animated cats with your free time affection

Original design and addictive fun!

    Fighting cats have a very cute, sure cat category. Each cat is designed simply but beautifully! Most of them do not really look like cats, but cats (like cow cats). PONOS has launched a number of cat-drawing contests for their fans - and that gives them the chance that the cat and their name will appear in the game if selected! Let your imagination be promoted with this game ... what a surprise and fun!

Cat food

    Save your cat food to buy special cats or special upgrades in The Battle Cat! Unlike experience points, which can only be used to buy normal cats and improve them, cat food can let you buy new cats like Samurai cats or Ninja cats! Don't put cat food on unnecessary things, but give cats and things necessary for your game development!

Mission book + Travel the world

    We can't help but think this feature is really good. Rather than accidentally wandering through the game, this book keeps track of the player's progress and where to go next, what to do next. It informs the player about the next milestone, the next mission and the direction of the game. This is a really useful book to keep track of the progress in the game.

   You can travel around the world with your cat tower and fight against each country. They will have their country's symbolic characteristics as an element that you must destroy. For example, Singapore is a merlion and Australia is a koala tree house! It's interesting to discover different types of national symbols as you travel around the world to battle other creatures like hippos or large birds.

Tips, tricks and cheats

Don't forget to upgrade your cat cannon, mechanical cat and tower!

   Many people make the mistake of not browsing the entire cat store and the normal cat cannon in the upgrade page.

    So when they fight it on the battlefield, they realize that they have to keep improving their portfolios in combat (it's a lot of money and time that bothers you!). Don't forget to not only upgrade your cats, but also move to the back of the upgrade arsenal to improve your cat cannon, the health of your ride, your worker cat portfolio, as well that their efficiency!

Have a rough strategy in mind before you hit the battlefield

    You must plan your cat to fight properly. You don't know what the enemy has in store for you. Two hippos? A group of little men rushing? A group of dogs? As you improve your combat portfolio in the game, plan how you want to send your troops in order to be exhausted by the army of cats in a single fall and be defeated by a hippopotamus. or powerful warthog!
    Distribution planning. You have to send small waves and big waves into combat. Don Just send a bunch of big cats and hope they do. Climbing higher in the game, you will realize that sending your cat in numbers is not the answer, although you can get rid of it in previous levels.

Pair a cat (or a strong HP cat) with a small group of small cats or fast-fighting cats

    It's pretty obvious, but Tank Cat, with regular upgrades, can become one of your tanks. When you send a cat tank, don't forget to send the ninja cat or the normal cat behind it - for ninja cats, try not to send it too soon after you send the cat because it moves very quickly! It is important to send a tank cat wall to the front, then a few knife users to move quickly behind, as they have strong attacks but weak defenses and HP.

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