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  • WASD/Arrow keys to move 
  • Left Mouse to Aim and shoot
  • Use Q to change weapons and J to jump.
Tips and tricks

  • Try to hit the opponent's head to inflict more damage.
  • If your internet is weak, focus on 1 on 1 play to avoid lag.

About Shootingheads

    Shootingheads is a very simple 2D shooting io game with cute graphics, familiar chibi style pictures thatllll bring joy and comfort to the player.


    At the start, you can do a few things to name your character and choose to build the character (beginners will have 4 character builds to choose which include 3 males and 1 female). You can then choose between 6 modes including 1 vs 1 mode (mainly for players with unstable pings), 4 players, 6 players, 8 players, 10 players and 10 modes 12 players.

    At the beginning of each match, you are equipped with 2 types of guns including shotguns (fire 1 shot at a time) and machine gun (continuous shooting). There are many types of guns for players to choose, but each new player will only be provided 1 set of guns for each type.

    In each match, the rotation starts with 100% HP, when hit by your HP will decrease and if your HP reaches 0%, the investigation will die. After you die, the review needs to wait a few seconds before I can revive and be able to continue fighting the opponents. And even if you beat your opponent, the HP bar has earned a 100% refill.

Defeat them all or become a loser.

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