Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Rogue Within



  • Arrowkeys to move
  • Move the mouse to look around you
  • Left mouse to attack / use objects
  • E to select an item
  • Me in inventory
  • 1 2 3 4 to change weapons
  • P to Pause
  • L to toggle mouse lock

Tips and tricks:

  • Pick up all the items you see on the table or at every corner of the house
  • Go down and face the barbarians and find the key

About Rogue In:

     This is a betrayal action game in which you have two thoughts - one to obey and become a member of this villain or be killed if you refuse them. Your life depends on this important decision. Maybe at that point, escaping and surviving is your last choice because you want to keep seeing the good life.

     They are smart enough to keep you in a dark room with a few torches and no one here will make you feel very worried and scared because you don't know what to do. Find something to eat because you're so hungry? Not what you need now. Find weapons to kill them and escape? I need it to attack your enemies when you meet them. Finding the key is what you need. Observe carefully and use it quickly to open the door. There is a map to help you navigate where you are and which creatures are near you.

    All achievements are easy to achieve, as they are all as easy and weak as experiences when you go to level 2, first of all when you start playing, kill enemies to get Assassin and want to be called Hero - try to level up 10 and collect Trouvalie to become a wealthy player when you find and open chests. Try to achieve what you deserve!


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