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Reivew Call of Duty: Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone cuts some of the tired monotony of the Battle Royale genre.
    My first victory in the Warzone was full of ups and downs that I had never felt in other battle royale games, and when I died I could feel like hitting an invisible wall in the middle of a full sprint.

   After winning a number of head battles in the TV station, we all died in an enemy ambush and were sent to Gulag. Surprisingly, we all won our 1-1 and came back to action. From there, we are in the dark and slowly raising funds to call our favorite custom downloads. With my proven M4A1 equipped with a full set of accessories, I finished with nine attacks for a total of 20 members. As long as Call of Duty: Warzone borrowed from its best rivals, it was full of smart amenities that quickly turned it into my assassination choice of narrowing the circle.


You die faster, but also heal faster.

   Many things to do with Warzone feel comfortable when looting. There was nothing that made me put out the battle royale more than spending 20 minutes playing with weapons, bullets and attachments inside and outside the menu until i '' achieves approved combat readiness. This is not how Warzone evolves. There are no backpacks, only one inventory screen.

Kitting up

    Complete destruction in Warzone is as simple as finding a weapon you love and some armor when everything is hairy. The weapon is delivered with predefined attachments. Ordinary weapons have nothing, while rarer weapons come with specialized attachment parameters. This simplicity guarantees that I spend more time playing instead of looking at the ground, playing costumes with optics and grip. The focus on looting is greatly reduced and this completely changed your mind when reading. In fact, you can reach Warzone's loot cap in minutes by doing a custom download with all the bells and whistles you can ask for.

    Instead, I can focus on the fire - where modern warfare shines. I haven't played 64-man ground war mode yet, so it's nice to see how the ballistic model of Modern Warfare moves to larger areas. Up close, the bullets fly fast enough to feel the instant return of hitcan. Few dozen meters further and you should start counting balls and swings. For a series based on fragility and ultra-short kill time, Warzone successfully shared the difference between COD and Battlefield.


    The fire fights were the closest to Apex Legends, although the higher damage levels of Call of Duty were more suited to my shooting preferences. In Apex, a series of increasingly powerful body shields can absorb all bullets, and Respawn's armor system makes certain situations superficial.

   Warzone is decided to be less complicated. Everyone has normal Call of Duty regenerative health, as well as armor plates that can deal additional damage. There is no super rare armor, so the time to kill is always consistent. In most cases, one or two headshots are enough to knock someone over. Removing the polystyrene armor strikes a balance between weapon damage and health that sets Apex apart. You die faster, but also heal faster.

    Warzone's quick death was offset by the ease with which his comrades could return to battle. Not only can you buy a revival for your teammates at shopping malls scattered on the map, but you can also win your life by winning a 1v1 duel in Gulag . The idea of ​​Gulag - perhaps the closest thing to purgatory I saw in a competitive game - at first glance might seem fanciful, but it created a rhythm that corresponded to the tradition of Call of Duty: A game in which you die and quickly engage in action.

Cluster attacks and precision strikes can completely wipe out an enemy army.
   Gulag's matches follow the same rules as Modern Warfare's awesome Gunfight mode with random reflection. I love getting emotional when I get my second chance at a man-to-man duel, by getting my tickets back in the fight. Gulag alleviated the frustration that I felt died early in another royal battle, and above all, encouraged me to take more risks. Frequent revivals have a wavy effect of a ridiculous number of players still alive until the end of the match. It made the final rounds explode, but unfortunately somehow managed to get 18th place after surviving through one of the last circles.


War zone

     Of course, a battle royale game is only as good as its card. The first and only map of Warzone is Verdansk, a vast valley of dense city centers and industrial parks that can easily accommodate 150 players. You might expect such a map to be a paradise for dusty snipers, but Verdansk is so dense with buildings that most come into play in the short and medium term. Instead of being randomly ruled a mile away, most of my fires took place like a normal Call of Duty match. I love it.

   Since Warzone's loot curve is essentially a straight line, almost any location on the map is a possible starting point. Sure, you can dive straight into the Atlas supermarket and fight its many supply bins, but you might have the same chance of wandering around peaceful farms to the east. It is far from Apex Legends, where the fights favor the natural teams which transform over time perfect paratroopers in the most dangerous areas and offer the best equipment. I like the trips that Warzone encourages by reducing the pressure of looting.

     Warfare's modern focus and movement combine well with an urban map full of walls and windows. The COD sports movement shines on a larger scale, although it is not as airy as the rock climbing and rock climbing of Apex Legends. Sprint and aerobatics so liquid that one has the impression of surfing the ground a few meters away. Even the parachuting process at the start of a game is more fun. Since everyone starts with a pistol, you can eliminate ridiculous maneuvers by cutting your parachute, equipping pistols and firing into the air.

Royale has grown

    In a category where progress has been made possible by the opportunity of looting, Warzone has wisely diverted with an economy at stake. The fastest way to make money and reach your ideal payload is to end the contract, the randomly generated Parallel activity is shared by the entire team with a large cash reward. There are three types of contracts that can be as simple as capturing goals. You don't need to face them, but they're interesting enough to deserve. Most importantly, they encourage players to stay moving instead of "torturing" around a building and waiting for enemies to come to them.

    Warzone borrows a lot from the standard Call of Duty that enhances combat characters, but unfortunately, one of its worst features has also made the jump: killstreak. With a fairly low price, players can buy killstreak can completely win you. UAV stands out as the worst offender because it regularly sends pings to specific enemy locations in a block. The only minus is equipping a class with the advantage of Ghost. Like in many standard CoD players, it's not fun to face the choice to give up the more attractive benefits just so I can prevent my position from being broadcast to the world.

    There are also group strike and precision air strike killers, both of which can eliminate an entire squad of enemies if they cannot be avoided. It's good for YouTube clips, I'm sure, and I like the idea of ​​forcing teams out of the sky, but it gets too ridiculous when the map area is narrowed.

    When a Warzone match falls past its last five teams in a small unarmed circle, people start shooting their air strikes in opposite corners in the hopes of having lucky eliminations. fortunate. Unfortunately, it works. The overwhelming power of killstreak is a completely uninteresting addition to Warzone, just as they have been in all Call of Duty games since 2007. Much more interesting is the upgrade from Warzone, another version of Modern Standard War. These low-impact devices are more attractive to use because they are less powerful and require more critical thinking, such as the Trophy system to prevent grenades, unmanned aerial vehicles or ammunition boxes.

    Battle royale is similar to the main mode of the Warzone package, but there is another mode provided, completely different. Looting takes place on the same Verdansk map, but there is no circle, no Gulag and the endless free appearance. The only goal is to make a lot of money by killing players and completing contracts. You can compare it to a raid in Escape From Tarkov, but it's really close to The Division's PvP Dark Mode.

    Undeniable ability to reboot more than Battle Royale. Even if you're supposed to be making money, you can still see it as a pointless playground for shooting training, sharpening gun levels or off-road driving on sickly sloping roads. He is a great hunter for a stressful royale round.

    There is so much to like about Warzone. The way it limits random loot and simplifies inventory solves my two biggest problems with the Battle Royale genre. The warzone that wants to win is determined by smart positioning and dry shooting skills, not by your armor level. The only downside to Warzone's less complex loot scene is that a meta is likely too shallow to remain interesting. Infinity Ward has been actively updating Modern Warfare since its release last year, so I hope Warzone will continue to grow as a standalone game on its own, the attention it will need if competing with Fortnite and Apex. Legends. .

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