Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Pop-Pop Candies

About Pop-Pop Candies:

Candy Pop-Pop combines the delicious side of tantalizing candy from Candy Crush and Popping Bubbled from Bubble Shooter. The result is a remarkable online puzzle game. Enjoy shooting colorful candies at over 100 levels while collecting three stars for each level. Your goal is to pull a piece of candy from the candy box below and make sure it touches the same candy so it pops up before the countdown timer hits zero. The faster you have all the sweet things, the more likely you are to get three stars. Start clicking and turning those candies into one of the best bubble pop games for PC.


Features of the game Pop-Pop Candies:

    Pop-Pop Candies is a game for all those who have soft and sharp teeth for everything and everything cute. Dealing with beautiful graphics, the game helps you blend and captivates you with its complex dynamism. Read on to learn more about this feature set:

Intuitive appeal

    Do you have a sweet tooth and do you like sweets and all kinds of treats? Candy Pop-Pop has all the most visually appealing candies that will surely satisfy your taste. Shoot bright candies of all shapes and colors, lollipops, chocolates, hard candies, jaw breakers, donuts, etc. All the candies will remind you of your childhood here. From time to time, a magic candy appears and you can use it to hit any candy and it will appear. If you put it in the right position, your magic candy can cause a big explosion. Enjoy pulling and flipping these candies as if you were Charlie of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory.

Extremely addictive gameplay

    With more than 100 levels that you have to complete, you will no doubt be addicted to this game right away. Each level has a different candy formation and time allocation. Some levels will require you to finish all the candies in 50 seconds, some less. With time pressure and difficult training, it is impossible to land your mouse.

Attractive but difficult game

    The Pop-Pop candy game is not a complicated game, if you know how to position the mouse strategically, you can play this game for hours. The only challenge is the time in which you have to turn everything on in less than a minute, sometimes half a minute. The candies issued by the distributor are sometimes different from the candies you expected, so you must place them carefully to avoid filling them. Complete each level as quickly as possible to earn three stars. Complete 110 levels and earn 330 gold stars.

Play whatever you want

    Getting a star can be a little frustrating, especially if you know that three stars are most likely achievable. You can replay your game and improve your performance at any time. Just click on the level you want to replay and shoot and pop whatever candy you want with the heart you want. No one is stopping you from grabbing the stars by playing and playing until you get it, after all, the game is free and the candies are fun to watch.


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