Monday, March 16, 2020



  • WASD to move left click to shoot

Tips and tricks:

  • Collect about 5 dust particles to be able to move at an average speed.
  • Keep shooting enemies until they die.

  • Simple 2D graphics
  • Bale system
  • Various skin options
  • Close combat
  • Full screen
  • Communication


      Welcome to, one of the best io games. It is a multiplayer action game with exciting fast paced elements. In this game, you control a nullermand and you have to collect dust on the map to fight with other players online. When the game starts, you must enter your name. You will then appear randomly on the board. Collect dust particles as quickly as possible as they can protect you.

Other players can shoot dust particles to attack you. Once you are attacked when you run out of dust, you will die. Dust particles have two roles: your weapon and also your protective shield. The dust will appear randomly on the map and each time you collect it, you become heavy and move more slowly. Remember that you can pick up up to 10 dust particles.

Try to kill as many enemies as possible to get the highest position on the leaderboard. Once you kill the enemy, you will get points. You have 2 ways to play: move fast with little dust or move slowly with lots of dust. With simple gameplay and superb 2D graphics, is suitable for all ages. Try to win in this game and unlock the interface of your nullermand.



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