Friday, March 20, 2020

Nioh 2 Review


Too long ago, players were able to reveal the idea of Soulslike to anyone other than FromSoftware, but Nioh first helped to shatter the perception of inferiority. It was a big turnaround from the Soulslike formula, taking the basic idea of FromSoftware, adding some interesting fighting poses, and then setting up the whole samurai era. While I appreciate that we are all different people, it's hard to deny the gross (sexual) appeal of ninjas, swords and things.

   Nioh 2 takes us back to that context, although in a slightly different part of Japanese history, this sequel has everything that makes Nioh so cool and more.


     Much of the appeal of the original comes from the ability to fight fast, deep well systems and quite attractive systems are missing in most games of this genre. All of Nioh's best ideas are always there, but Team Ninja has developed them in many meaningful ways.

    Now located in 1555 in feudal Japan, almost half a century before the first match, this country is still in chaos. Monsters and demons invade the land, and you are ready to fight them as a committed mercenary, Hideyoshi. Your character is where the first big change happens, because instead of playing like a white samurai, you can create your own character. The customization options are comprehensive, they definitely include everything you may need or need to create your own samurai. Better yet, your created character happens to be half Yokai (shameless) and learn to gain strength throughout the game.


     Your character, your unique genetic makeup, not only creates a great party tip, but also gives you access to the Yokai counter; A powerful and necessary ability allows you to make the most powerful attacks and then transform them to your advantage. It also means that you have access to Castlevania's ability to absorb the core of Yokai enemies and gain their abilities. Sometimes it means temporarily turning your arm into a horse demon and brandishing serrated swords at enemies, sometimes it means summoning skeleton demon archers to shoot their prey. you. Anyway, it's great, and I'm here for that.

    The last thing that gives you, and perhaps the best of all, is the ability to turn into a demon with Yokai Teleport. This gives you one of the different forms depending on the Guardian God you have equipped, allowing you to inflict huge amounts of damage without being able to be attacked effectively. You can even summon your spirits to help you fight while you change!


    In addition to a lot of weapons coming back from the first game, there are two new weapons to choose from. Dual hatchets allow for insanely fast attack, while the Switchglaive resembles the ultimate form of the modified Bloodvert weapon. This is because the low position allows you to use it like a guillotine, ridiculously fast, the average position turns it into a sword, has great reach, and the high position turns it into a scythe. To be honest, I didn't want to use the hatchet so much, but I always used Switchglaive.

    Perhaps my new addition is that the game now has full in-game collaboration. We are talking about setting up a room with friends and playing the whole game, performing two main quests, side quests and watching cutscenes together. It was great to play Soulslike again in partnership, or at least capable.

    After the excellent Sekiro from FromSoftware last year, I was a bit worried about how Nioh 2 would bid, but all the new additions helped turn this beast into a completely different thing. Now this is a game I hope other developers can learn from - Lord knows that a suitable collaborative system in Dark Souls will take me back to this world in the blink of an eye.


     The story has a lull in time, but the world is always full of exciting battles and stupid monsters - If you like the idea of being defeated by a giant snake or a guy with strange eyebrows, then Nioh 2 will be there for you - with a deep legend, the Yokai cats accompany you and many loots that more than a thousand Diablo players can carry. After that, it all came with all the new ideas that added to the design of the battle and the wonderful world that made the original a great game.


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