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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for PC, Moblie / MAC

      If you are a fan of MOBA games, then Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is an unblocked game that you cannot miss! Take part in exciting 5v5 battles and shoot down rival towers to win the final!

  Team up with your friends in this 5v5 MOBA confrontation! Choose your favorite heroes and form a star squad for battle! The system establishes quick matches with players who have skills similar to yours. Push towers in different countries with your comrades in MLBB. Defeat minions and jungle monsters to gain gold and gain experience points to quickly upgrade your hero. Better yet, defeat bigger monsters like the Tortoise and the Lord to seize your opponents like gold rewards and deal more damage to the tower's defenses. MLBB is all about fast action and fast strategic combat, combined in an online game. Win the game, get the game's MVP title and become LEGAL.

Mobile Legends features:

Classic MOBA card, with simplified gameplay

      Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has classic MOBA gameplay that is easy to learn for beginners but still difficult for experienced players. This is very reminiscent of classic MOBA games like League of Legends and DotA 2. With your starting base divided into 3 lanes leading to rival territory, plan your teammates. Whether it's a 2-1-2 battle or a 1-3-1 strategy, make sure all the lanes are covered or your opponents will attack through the gaps! The servants appear regularly to help you in your battle. 18 defensive towers spread over the tracks also have an attack range to defend against foreign invaders. Your objective is to overcome all defenses with your teammates and your servants by defeating their opponents and their towers, by conquering their bases. Be careful; The enemy has the same plan as you.


Play with friends on Facebook or even players from around the world

      Mobile Legends is an online game that requires teamwork and intense strategic planning. With a variety of heroes to choose from, choose the one that best fits your play style. Above all, don't forget to keep your balance in the team. For example, snipers deal great damage to opponents but have low HP. Therefore, they will need the assistance of other heroes with tank and / or support characteristics to take damage. So while you choose to deploy your favorite heroes, be aware that individualism is not recommended in Mobile Legends because this often leads to the demise of your team.

Seasonal events and exclusive rewards

   New heroes and skins are released continuously to allow players to continue trying out new characters and improving hero skills with exclusive skins. In addition to spending diamonds to unlock higher level heroes, seasonal events also give players the opportunity to acquire new heroes. Medal chests also unlock heroes and skin fragments so players can trade them for new champions and skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Sometimes there will be promotions in store, where you can buy new skins and characters for less! So be sure to keep an eye out for this inexpensive thriller!

The integrated artificial intelligence program ensures no in-game delays

       Nice play is recommended in Mobile Legends. Take your team to victory. Winning is based on the skills and abilities of the group, not on the payment of statistics. The smart AI bot in MLBB will ensure the game continues when one of your teammates has a connection error and you won't be too inconvenient with a missing player in the team.

Simple game controls, the game does it all for you.

     The simple controls in the game also allow the player to easily get used to the game. Its automatic locking and target movement help you target your opponent so you don't have to worry about this stressful play.

Anecdotes, tips and advice for mobile legends: Bang Bang:

Keep your eyes open on the game card throughout the game
Track positions of teammates and opponents so you can help teammates when needed. The opponent's heroes and servants will be highlighted in red while your team members will be highlighted in blue. This is what you call "Map Awareness".

Aim for the last shot

     Always hit your opponent until the end. By being the ultimate damage dealer for hero / minions jungle monsters, the system will give you more gold and gold points, giving you more damage to future enemies and the ability to raise grant your device.

Always read the new release notes

     More often than not, there will be reorganized heroes with new skills or a balance between their abilities and damage. This can either make your current favorite hero stronger or not deal as much damage as before. Get the latest updates on the release of new Tank / Support heroes here! Read discussion forums like Reddit to learn more about game strategies and patch comments with other like-minded players. You can also view our FAQ page for answers to the most common questions for Mobile Legends!

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