Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mixed World

About Mixed World:

    You will act like a beautiful blue spot in the online game of Mixed World, but be careful as there are some poachers in the red circle who block your way to your party with friends. Your goal here is to clean up the whole block so that you and your friends can have endless fun and have fun at the party without interruption. With your friends helping you and with lots of different round red monsters killing the fun atmosphere, you have to go against the clock and quickly remove them from the screen to have absolutely can enjoy the night! Sit back and enjoy this free puzzle mini-game at ioGround.Space!


Features of free online game Mixed World:

Lovely and adorable blobs to play with

    Your kids will definitely love this game when they play like really lovely blobs! The animation of the game is fantastic and the game itself is really fun to play even for adults. This is a game with beautiful and lively cartoon characters. In addition, you will meet different characters when playing the Mixed World online game on PC.

     The basic characters are three square points: blue, green and purple. Blue drops is the protagonist. He is the only one who can repel the red monsters from the game. Just touch it and it will hit the red monsters, chasing them off the stage! If you are looking for more interesting but simpler mini games, try Touch and Go now!

   The green spots don't move in this game, but it has a long tongue that can pull you or the rest of your gang where you are supposed to be all. The purple blob is the most interesting of all because it not only jumps, but also has super cool power that can destroy blocks and other obstacles along the way to help you get rid of monsters. Now which one is your favorite?

Educational puzzle game for all

      Whether you are a girl, boy, child or adult, the mixed world is the perfect online PC game for everyone! This game is a really interesting and entertaining puzzle. Also, it's really difficult because you're running from time to time. In addition to the time limit, you must also understand how you will repel the red monsters and win the game! Each level is filled with different blocks, red monsters and challenges to overcome!

25 challenging levels to complete

      Because Free World Mix is ​​a small game, it has only 25 fun games to play. You can have fun playing all the games at once, or come back later and complete the levels at a slower pace. It depends entirely on you.

Test results and collection

     You not only complete the puzzles, but you also have the achievements to complete! Discover exciting new medals that you can get if you achieve what is required!


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