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Merge Dragons!


     Enter the fusion dragons, a world full of adventures, where dragons and magic dominate the country. Equipped with the power to combine objects to create miracles. Merge and expand objects to revive a black void of space. Discover dragons, magic and spelling quests in this free PC game! As an adventure and puzzle game, you will open the door to a mysterious and enchanting country.

     In this magical mission, your mission is to give life to a deserted land. Restore the void with your magic power by merging objects to create new and amazing things. Combine treasures, flowers, plants and dragon eggs to discover incredible wonders. Merge Dragons wonderers is a game that allows you to find puzzles and collect bonuses to promote life in the magic kingdom. Interact with everything and explore this world. Download Merge Dragons for free now.

Merge the functionality of wiki and wiki:

    Discover a world full of magic, dragons and enchanting quests in Merge Dragons! This adventure and puzzle game contains many mysteries that inspire discovery and discovery. Combine items to get better and more powerful items that you can use to bring a vacuum to life.

     Enter the world of Dragonia, a magnificent and mysterious place behind the clouds. Unfortunately, this paradise was invaded by the Zomblins, where they invaded the kingdom and cast their evil darkness. It's up to you to bring this void back to life. In Merge Dragons !, your mission is to heal the world. With your magic power, you can combine everything to create vitality and restore the continuation of life in this kingdom.

     Combine things to create new things. Match dragon eggs to hatch new babies and help them evolve into powerful dragons. Feed your dragons and explore a new world in Merge Dragons! Here are some of the main features of the game.

Discover and combine more than 500 objects

      Merge Dragons has over 500 objects with which you can interact and combine to create more objects. You can drag and match them to develop better tools and objects. You can adapt almost everything in the game. From coins to treasure chests, plants to trees, buildings to stars, mythical creatures to magic objects. The possibilities are limitless.

     The game also allows you to explore new types of healing energies to bring vitality and vitality to the underworld. Solve challenging challenges and puzzles that tease the brain and gain magic and revive the world.

Collect, breed and merge dragons!

     Download the game Merge Dragons PC also has 31 varieties of dragons. Collect them and feed them throughout their evolution. Watch them evolve from childhood to become a mighty dragon.

Meet and solve difficult puzzles to receive rewards

    Merge the dragons! There are also around 600 missions that will test your brain. Test your skills in solving puzzles. During these missions, you can earn rewards that can help you build your camp.

Merge cheats, tips and tricks:

      Defeat the demons and recover the kingdom that was once dragons and magic. Merge the dragons! Suggesting brain challenges will test your problem-solving skills. Need tips and tricks to progress in the game? Check out these suggestions.

Merge the dragons! Merge them all!

    Everything in the game is interactive. You can drag and combine them to create new items. Almost everything is available to combine, from coins and gems to dragons and stars. You will be amazed at what you discover.

    When incorporated, aim to match at least three factors. The more clusters you merge, the better the output. For example, merge five shamrocks instead of three, because five shamrocks give you two living flowers instead of one fusion word of three.

Get more bricks by collecting stones

    Bricks are useful when you need to erect buildings or improve your camp. Get the most bricks by having your dragons collect stones. As additional advice, try to merge the tiles into five. This will give you strong bricks.

Harvest fruits to make money

     You can make more money by harvesting fruit trees. Assign a dragon to an fruit tree to collect fruit. If you want to win small magic coins or coins, you can do so by consolidating five pieces of fruit.

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