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Lords Mobile


Download and Play Lords Mobile online game on PC Now at ioGround Space

     Defeat your enemies, train your heroes, loot evil villages and visit the treasures. Lords Mobile is finally coming to PC! When you're not bothered by your extremely boring ads, Lords Mobile has really deep and engaging gameplay that has drawn players around the world to be drawn to it. It's a combination of real-time strategy, MOBA, tower defense and war, reminiscent of the Creative Total War War series or even the famous Blizzard Warcraft trilogy. If you've ever played Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, this is another unlocked school game that you can't miss!

   Play Lords Mobile on PC! Expand your kingdom. Team up with friends. Kill your enemies. Strengthen your hero. Improve your economy. Become the most powerful ruler in the kingdom.

Features of Lords mobile game:

A variety of endless games!

    From collecting resources for a better economy, using tactics to fight better and putting your heroes on a solo journey, Lords Mobile is not afraid to become one of the mobile games. The most public and ambitious to date!

Create your own monster with the choice of Lords Mobile pet or take center position with Lords Mobile hero scenes in which these are just your main characters against the tough enemies.

Grow your kingdom

     The world is full of bad guys and bad guys and you have to get rid of it from pests! As you become victorious in each battle, your kingdom will begin to grow, allowing you to build more buildings such as farms, barracks and academies, all in your name. While your goal is to save the world from the danger of evil, do not underestimate your opponent. All are ready to face your army and will stop at nothing to stop your expansion. With the help of mighty heroes and mighty army units, they will soon be all out for you and can even join your career!

You do not have to fight alone

    Team up with countless players as you battle in the dark and despair! Join parties, make new friends and together, evil forces can never defeat you! Joining or creating a party will reward you with gems and other exclusive items that you won't find anywhere else.

Put your hero on different courses

     Although chaos games are involved most of the time, you can assign your heroes to quests to make them stronger while gaining more resources for your kingdom. Test the power of your heroes against formidable enemies as your squad. Unleash the full potential of your heroes by unleashing their ultimate skills with a simple drag and drop! Customize their stats to improve their conditions in future battles.

Are some levels too easy? Try the difficult steps

     The steps in Lords' mobile challenge sum up another term: hard mode. Donith has been deceived; the difficult stages are aptly named when the game becomes twice as cruel as before. Only go there when you have powerful heroes and very effective units. The rewards are also much better in quality and quantity.


Lords Mobile instructions, tips and advice:

Be sure to visit Treasures

    Lords Mobile's treasure is the most effective way to quickly receive crystals. It unlocks after completing Skifyish 8 Castle 17. Remember to visit this area from time to time. You can upgrade the treasure to level 9, but it will require a lot of resources in exchange for large payments. You will have to complete up to Castle 25 to achieve it at maximum level.

If you need more details on treasure upgrades, consider visiting the Lords Mobile wiki.

Focus on your resources before starting the game

    Naturally, any player wants to focus on building their army at a larger rate. But how can you do this if they don't have the resources to grow? The biggest mistake for any new game player is that they spend most of their time building large numbers for their army without considering resources.

    Resources are important to grow your kingdom, especially early in the game. First upgrade your resource buildings like sawmills and farms. Remember to always perform an administrative task to passively accumulate more resources while you do other things in the game. A good economy will turn into a big army.

First, check your target in Hero Quests

     It's great to see your hero planning the final blow, but always make sure you know which target will fire your ult. Do not last on the growls from the sides. Always focus on the most focused enemy, especially the bosses. The best Lords Mobile heroes depend on your preference, but you need to know which hero is best for certain situations. These include basic enemies, tanks and long range units.

Always am before fighting

      Scouting increases the chance of winning a battle. Not all battles are the same. Some may require you to carry more cavalry, others will require more infantry and fewer artillery. By knowing the proposed units, you can effectively save military resources and win battles more efficiently and fully.

Sounds fun? Download Lords Mobile on PC / Mac today! Join the fight to win!

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