Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Lampada Street



  • Press any key to execute
  • Press the space bar to jump

Tips and tricks:

  • Beware of bikes on sidewalks to avoid them
  • Can jump to avoid obstacles
Developed by Vardan Aleksanyan

About Lampada Street:

      Lampada Street is a beautifully designed 3D crossing game. With the inspiration to create very different characters, a unique and familiar game space and simple gameplay brought the game to the player's mind. A powerful addictive game!

    The game takes players into an extremely familiar space. It's a street scene at night with cars, taxis busy on the street. There are 3 funny light boys hanging around and crossing the street at home in the dark. The player's task in the game is to help the character of the light bulb to cross the street to complete the challenge. Each bulb has a different way and speed, so you need to control them carefully to avoid collisions. In particular, each time you cross the street, the game system changes the angle of rotation of the camera: far, near, panoramic, ... which makes the game more attractive and difficult. The game has several levels with increasing difficulty. Although the game does not count the time of the race, it takes the distance of the race as the objective to overcome for the players. At the start of the game, there will be 3 small bulbs standing on the sidewalk equivalent to 3 networks of players in the game. If 3 balls are all broken but do not reach the goal, the game is over. This is a very interesting and fun game. Can you afford to make funny light bulbs safe on the road? Try it and experience it now! Come on!


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