Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Kize io



  • E - Interact with ground objects, chests and cars
  • F - Interact with ground objects, chests and cars
  • Left click - Shoot your weapon
  • Q - Switch the construction mode to build walls (you will have to use the left click to build walls)
  • Space - Jump over almost everything on the map! You can even jump over the houses
  • Change - Sprint
  • A - Reload your weapon
  • M - See the map and the area closure plan
  • From 1 to 6 - Change pistol, you can also change pistol with the mouse wheel
  • Drop and Move Your Inventory - Just click on the gun and move it where you want.

About Kize io:

Kize io is a new IO Battle Royale game, where you appear in a hall and once all players are ready, you go to the main map. You have to open chests, plunder other players, build bases, plant materials, destroy opponents and avoid storms! Will you be able to get Victory Royale? Do you have what it takes to overcome your rivals, overcome them and become the ultimate Kize? You may think you have what it takes for Kize, but you won't know until Kize touches fans. So let's start in this basic building, defense and fighting game where only Kize exists.



ASSAULT RIFLE: The standard assault rifle spans the entire height of the rare ladder, which means it's difficult to talk about weapons in general. While less inclined to split them up in terms of damage and reload time, the review tool is really accurate.

SMG: SMG cannons fire faster than any other cannon, it is also a pistol with more bullets. Reload time is fairly standard and the damage from this weapon is low. This weapon is perfect at close range.

SCAR: By far the most useful round weapon, the legendary golden SCAR, TANK and RPG are the best pistols in Its precision, damage and rate of fire mean that you will have a huge advantage in almost any situation. It's great if you can get one - its legendary state, however, means they're rare, so relying on winning strategies to get one isn't always an option. .

RIFLE: The best short-range pistol, it shoots multiple bullets per shot and you can shoot twice before needing to reload.

RPG: one of the best objects in the game, you can only fire one rocket every few seconds, but if you hit the opponent with him, you will win the battle!


  • After pressing play, you will be teleported to the lobby, you will have to wait a few seconds there until all players are ready. When everyone is ready, the game will begin and you will be teleported to the Battle Royale map again.
  • The first thing you need to do is hurry and plunder! To loot, you will need to open the chest around the card. Be sure to use the potion and the potion to complete your shield if you receive them.
  • The second thing you need to do is farm equipment. Later in the game, you will need to build walls to protect yourself from enemies and to do this, you will need a lot of materials.
  • The third and final thing is to hunt down and destroy other players! Only one player can win, so you must kill and survive to win.
  • Another thing you need to consider is the area. This area will continue to map gradually and you should avoid it as it will cost you damage. The first zone will only hit you for 1 second, the second zone will hit you for 2 seconds, the third zone 4s, the fourth zone and the fifth area will hit you for 16 seconds!

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