Wednesday, March 18, 2020


About Iceberg:

     If you like to play puzzles and jigsaw, then this is the game for you. Some form suspended in frozen air, and the only way to thaw them is to touch them. Broken ice is everywhere and needs to be restored. Find ways to recreate these icebergs using different laws of physics.
Solve the puzzles and make sure to put the shapes accordingly. Think mature to put these frozen forms in place, to restore the iceberg. Do whatever is needed to solve the puzzle and think outside the box for each puzzle you face. Impress your friends with your special idea for iceberg repair. Click and play Iceberg online now!

Iceberg Game features:

Practical life experience

     Iceberg brings a living experience to users by applying different physical laws to their games. The involvement of physics in this game benefits its users as they are forced to make their own assumptions about where the shapes will go when it is thawed. With the laws of physics applied, the game becomes more difficult. However, it is beneficial for users because they understand physics in a more interactive way, making learning easier and more enjoyable. This type of game is very useful for young people, especially beginners who understand physics. Playing this game repeatedly will allow students to master physics and increase their interest in the subject, which can also be useful for classroom teachers during class. 

Several levels

     In addition to applying physics to make the game really difficult, many levels are also presented. With 45 levels in the game, it becomes even more difficult. But don't be afraid because you have so many opportunities to solve puzzles. The opportunity is unlimited, the only thing you need is this determination and will have the power to resolve it. So repeat and repeat until you get better and better. And, before you know it, the game becomes easier to solve.

Easy to understand

    Despite the difficult concept given by the game, the game is very simple and easy to understand for the user. It can be played by everyone, young or old. No further instruction is required just to touch the frozen forms and it will thaw and fall on the broken ice. The most essential thing to be successful in this game is to think critically and anticipate. Knowing where the icing shape will go will determine your success when you play this game.

Easy access

    Iceberg is easily accessible online and you don't need to download it. It can be a good time to spend your free time and a great way to improve your critical thinking skills. It's one of the many games you can learn at the same time.

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