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     From the creators of Gardenscapes, Playrix promises you another fun game with a home! With Austin and parents William and Olivia, help make his childhood home a better place to live. Step into the magnificent mansion and an adventure truck is waiting for you to bring the chain of unbound games of vevo.

     It was the start of a new day and the butler Austin stopped to return to his childhood home, filled with memories and wonderful stories. When he entered, he noticed the entrance hall was ruined and decided to replace the old carpet. Mom and dad were happy with the change, and Austin beamed at their compliments, continuing to clean up his dusty bedroom.

     But after a day of trying to get things back in order, he was informed that the house would soon be sold. (But why?!)

     Ever since Austin received this bad news, he had a nightmare about it. He could not bear to see his childhood home filled with beautiful memories destroyed. (Yes, we also feel his pain. ) Now he is desperate to reverse his parents' decision. Help Austin change his parents' thoughts about selling this old mansion. Earn stars and replace all old furniture. Make it like new!

Features :

  • Match 3 with an extra twist

 Integrated with decorative elements, your Match-3 game is no longer boring. Earn stars by completing each level of the Match-3 game and complete the house story missions. Unlock more chapters and look forward to more exciting family episodes throughout history!

  • Unleash the interior design of the soul within you

Deciding what the Austin mansion will look like, curtains on the walls and carpets, the combination is limitless. Don't worry if you don't like your current options, you can change them at any time. Change the blue armchair in Austin Tet's bedroom to red for just 10 cents.

  • Power-ups and Boosters to help you clear these levels

Create a paper plan by joining 4 cells of the same color in a square. Launch Paper Plane by double-clicking it and it will fly to clear a random square on the game board to help you reach your level goal. Other types of power-ups like Rocket and Bomb will erase the entire row / column of bricks and erase everything around it accordingly. Combine 2 powers together and see how they perform magic on the game board! You can also activate the power-ups at the start of each level so that you don't have to waste a movement doing these power-ups. Boosters are also available when you just need this invisible hand to clear this tile and complete the level.

  • Meet the pet Austin

The first day Austin entered his childhood home, he brought his beloved pet parrot, Captain Flint, with him. Help Austin find a nice place for Captain Flint to stay. See their interesting interactions! His love for animals does not stop there. Austin continues to adopt a fluffy pet cat, in which you have a voice with his name! It seems your opinion is having a problem with Austin!

  • Share your achievements

Austin is also active on social networks! Click on the task list icon at the bottom right of the game screen and watch Austin update his newsfeed! You can also update your account by connecting your account to Facebook. Save and share your progress and achievements with your friends. Exchange gifts and get more privileges like hearts, boosters and coins.

Tips, tricks, tips

     While people are looking for hacks and fraudulent codes to get unlimited stars and money, these are often bogus and inactive. Do not download such things and risk banning your account. Instead, we have found fairly legitimate ways to get the resources you need. Learn more below.

  • Run the game at least once a day

Log in daily and get more coins and boosters with daily bonus chains. It may not seem like much every day, but it will certainly add up to something meaningful on the weekends.

  • Join the game events

House images often release events in a limited time for players to participate and earn rewards like boosters and coins. Take the lead and win great prizes.

  • Complete as many Match-3 levels as possible

Nothing beats hard work and time. Earn stars and money with each level you complete. Follow our Walkentials page for game videos and tips on how to clear each level.


Character of the house:

Kinda, Austin's childhood friend

    Young and beautiful, Kinda is like the first love of all the guys in the neighborhood. (So ​​we think she also likes Austin's first love!) On the house's official Facebook page, it is said that Kinda is a little younger than Austin. But we think they have quite a big age difference. The other is that a butler must be a really stressful job. One thing is certain, Austin will be Austin's intellectual society in its childhood home. Play Homecapes and watch the interaction between Austin and Kinda! * insert flying heart *

Henry, grandfather of Austin

     The person who started the legacy of the butler family, Grandpa Henry is a lovely character. He is always gentle to people around him. He defended the name of a first-class butler with the way of managing housework. His concern and concern for the family never ends, even if dad and Austin are housekeepers! We guess that Austin's friendly personality comes from his grandfather, he has received a lot of visitors since he returned to his homeland!
Are you Team Gardenscapes or Team Homecapes? Join us in the best game debate on our blog! Coming very early.

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