Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Grand Shift Auto



  • Use the mouse cursor to start shooting bullets and killing people.

Tips and tricks:

  • You can stop the car by filming it. The car can still be used after being shot.
  • The fastest way to kill yourself in the game is in the water.

About Grand Shift Auto:

     Have you ever thought that one day you would be a gangster who has no intention of committing a crime on the street and calming your mind with gunshots and bullets? Well, no one can really experience this wildlife, but that doesn't mean you live in the world of Grand Shift Auto simulator game.

Grand Shift Auto is a platform video game, simulator and shooter. In the game, players will play a gangster on the street, with the task of completing the tasks of the game. Players must monitor many different tasks, such as Winning Money. We all know the importance of money in the game world of Grand Shift Auto, because characters can spend money in the store to buy new items like weapons and armor to improve their performance, at the both in terms of quality and speed. If the player wants the game missions to be completed, he must explore the game's coastal city and kill as many people as possible. However, the character the player chooses is the God of everything in the game. In fact, players have to face the fact that their character is nothing but harm to society. When the player starts shooting the first ball, people around him panic and can attack him at any cost to avoid possible violence.

    The coastal town of Grand Shift Auto has many attractions. The more you explore this city, the more you will love to dive there!

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