Thursday, March 19, 2020

Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang


  • WASD to move
  • E to shoot
  • F to enter/leave car
  • R: enable shop
  • T: enter garage
  • Shift: Walking
  • Space to jump
  • C to change camera
  • ESC to open menu
  • Scroll to change weapon

About Grand Action Crime: New York Car Gang:

Play like a real gangster and the whole city will be in front of you. The style of the city is similar to Miami or Las Vegas, but in fact it is New York! Become a crime mogul on the street. You will fight with many different mafia gangs from the United States, Russia, China or Mexico, but also with ordinary people. The game contains a completely open global environment. so you can keep exploring it for hours and hours. Go to the mountains, fly and drive super cars and shoot with powerful pistols. You can also buy a lot of things from a store to help you complete the mission and free the city from all the Mafia criminals. Most of the missions will take place on the street, some in Chinatown and others in ganglands, etc. Are you ready for the great GTA style crime theft adventure? Prepare to fly, kill, shoot and fight! Steal cars, hide from the police, run cars on the streets and shoot other gang members Are you brave enough to rise to the top of the criminal spectrum?


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