Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Get 10

About Get 10:

  The most beautiful puzzle game for digital lovers is here! Get 10 is easy to play and a game for everyone. But beware, this interesting puzzle game with a simple mechanism based on numbers will challenge your mind. This game is not just a lucky game, you must be able to find and combine numbers with the same value to create a total of 10. You can combine all the matching cells as long as they are adjacent. Create a more precious square by selecting the best spots and unlocking new combinations. The game won't ask you to download anything, you just have to play endless free. Prepare to be addicted to 10 and find out how many numbers you can match!

Get 10 game features:

    A colorful game with endless challenges awaits players Get 10. Learn more about the features of the game below:

Unique color for each problem

    The puzzle game is really interesting, Get 10 is one of those games that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. The tiles of different numbers are colored differently, so there's no room for confusion. The colors are unique and there are no different quantities of the same color. You can easily get acquainted with the numbers in this game. Tile number 1 is yellow, 2 is green, 3 is red and 4 is blue, 5 is orange and 6 is darker blue, etc.

Easy game play

     The goal of the game is very simple, just combine cells with the same number to create a total of 10. Numbers with the same value must be adjacent to each other to connect them successfully. If you combine two or more of the same numbers, the next number of this value will appear in the number 10. Although the gameplay is easy, the game gets progressively difficult because you have to be strategic in the its movement, if not, you will be exhausted and the game will be over.

Endless challenge

    You can play this game anytime and for as long as you like (or maybe) without having to worry about ending the game for nothing. Get the highest score possible and be the owner of Get 10.

Unlimited tiles you can combine

    You can combine as many tiles as possible as long as they are close together. The minimum cells you can combine are two and the following are unlimited as long as they have the same value. Just be careful to match your number, especially for higher values, because you don't want too many high-value numbers.

Soothing background music 

    The game may become boring for some people, especially if the number increases and the puzzle becomes more difficult. Turning on music can help calm your mind and tease your brain to find possible matches. Soothing background music can help stimulate your brain and highlight your genius.

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