Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Flow Mania

About Flow Mania:

     Get ready for a fun puzzle game full of difficult challenges. Flow Mania is a free game where you don't need to download or install anything. Just click and play for several hours so that fun games are not blocked.
    The objective is to connect the colored dots with their partners using pipes which must cover the entire grid. It sounds simpler, but the only rule is that the pipes cannot overlap and this is where the challenge occurs. Starting with a simple 5x5 grid, then progress to 10 to 10 grids really putting your analytical logic to work. If you like solving visual problems or are really good at finding solutions, you will really love Inlogic's Flow Mania.

Features of Flow Mania PC:

    Flow Mania has a simple game goal; to connect the dots and cover the net with a tube. But even if it seems easy enough, as you progress and gain experience, challenges become more and more difficult. Above all, the game's minimalist aesthetic ensures that you only have to focus on your work and not be distracted by a bright object. To learn more about the game, read below:

Easy to play, hard to master

    The rules are simple, connect the dots with their partner and cover the entire grid with pipes. With a 5 x 5 grid, you would think the whole game is very simple, but as the number of colored dots increases, as you climb onto the larger grid, you will realize that sentence `` last first impression. '' is not always true.

   It's great to see how the game makes it easier before you miserable yourself with difficult problems. As you progress to the larger grid size, the number of points also increases, increasing the challenge exponentially.

Hours of fun to tease the brain

   Is it funny that some of the simplest things can be most interesting? Like a cute cat meme, it doesn't really make sense, but it makes you laugh.

   Flow Mania works the same way, only it activates the logical side of the brain and really takes you deep into challenges. You won't realize how much time you actually spend in the game, so don't play when you're at school or at work. In fact, don't play it when you have to be productive for a number of reasons, as it will only be out of the window.

Minimalistic but effective design

   Not all games need to play too much. Some of the most effective games are simple in design, but offer hours and hours of play. There really isn't much to say about the game's graphic design, but somehow you still have the sense of accomplishment to complete the colorful levels.

Starting from the outside

    When you reach the hardest mesh size, everything seems overwhelming. The best way to solve these puzzles is to work from the outside and move inward. Find points that can connect with each other by moving around the edges of the grid, as they won't interfere with other pipes. You will then quickly begin to see patterns for other connections.

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