Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Finders Critters

About Finders Critters:

    The online puzzle game Finders Critters has three little jelly creatures that need to be saved. They find themselves trapped between blocks preventing them from returning home. Your little friends can find their way back, so your job now is to save them and take them home by simply knocking over the blocks. When you beat the blocks, they will meet again, causing another accident. You must then think carefully every time you need to remove blocks or otherwise you can block the way and the cute creatures may never find the way back.
Are you ready to take on the challenge and play the Finders Critters puzzle online? Play this game today for a chance to become a hero for these little creatures!

Features of Finders Critters online puzzle game:

Cute colorful graphics

    There is a fact that you will definitely appreciate the graphics of this mini game when you play Finders Critters because it has a nice 3D animation. Colors are vivid and vivid, which is a great opportunity for you to teach coloring to young children! Talk about multitasking! With great animations and graphics, there's no way you don't want to play this puzzle game online. The sound effects of Finders Critters are also very interesting, giving you an online game that will keep you in the chair for a while.

Educational strategy game

    The Finders Critters puzzle game is definitely a mind game. It really challenges you to think about how you can save these adorable little creatures. Although this game is quite simple to play, the levels pose different challenges. When you delete an entire row of blocks, the rest of the block moves to the left. This can help you create more games or ruin all the games you have before you move. This is where strategy games come.

    In addition to moving blocks, you should also know that the fewer moves you make, the higher your chances of getting points. So take a break and play your blocks well before turning them on! In the online game Finders Critters, you will learn how to calculate your movements and even shorten your game, if needed. This is a perfect game for children because it challenges them to think and find strategies. This is the kind of game you want your child to play because it is both educational and fun.

30 challenging mini game levels

     The game has 30 challenging block game levels. The Finders Critters puzzle game is quite intense when you reach the intermediate level of the game. You can also get special blocks that blow up surrounding blocks while you play this game online. Overall, the game has some challenging but interesting and entertaining levels. Whenever you get a creature back in the right direction, it will be even more rewarding to play this great mini game!


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