Thursday, March 19, 2020

Extreme Drift 2


  • Arrowkeys to ride
  • Space to handbrake
  • C to change camera
  • ESC to pause
  • G : slow time
  • F: Nitro
  • I: Ignition
  • L: lights

About Extreme Drift 2:

The professional drift team is looking for new members! They are looking for new blood, a person who will bring a new style and trend to the game! The drifting community is full of professional pilots who control all types of motor vehicles. Their pace is crazy and their style is simply amazing. One of these groups is looking for a versatile pilot who will be their leader in a series of events for next year. Very difficult events ... Race, adventure and even ride for free! Tons of customizable cars and tracks to unlock endless hours and hours of entertainment and entertainment. Is the title of King Drift available? Who will it be? Show us that you deserve this title and show us your expert driving skills!


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