Friday, March 20, 2020

Doom Eternal Review


Rip and Tear. These three simple words have been the driving force behind the Doom franchise for almost 30 years. Since the start of the iconic FPS series, you've been destroying demons for complicated betrayal or shocking motivational storytelling, you just do it because it's fun. Unloading a plasma rifle into a caodemon or launching a rocket at the crowd is completely happy and completely satisfying, and it focused the laser on the tight and rewarding game that made Doom initially in an iconic and influential game.

    Doom's reenactment in 2016 kept this energy alive, delivering a seven-hour campaign focused on destroying demons. Still, there is a clue to a method for the madness of this first game. Each weapon at your disposal has its uses, and the synergy between your weapon and your fists creates a methodical loop which transcends the weapons in motion and heartless. With more tools, more weapons, and more enemies, Doom Eternal adjusts the second to eleven spiritual gymnastics, keeping your hands and head on their toes for more than twenty hours. Interesting ballet action.

     Within five minutes of starting Doom Eternal, you will be reintroduced the most basic elements seep into every encounter in this fast paced shooter - "thirty seconds of fun" in the game. Play that, if you want. Shoot the enemy just enough and it will spread out, allowing you to rush to Glory Kill to recover health. In addition, you can tear the dead body with your chainsaw to get the ammunition. In the 2016 game, these Glory Kills are easy to activate and long to sit down, sometimes awkward to slow down the action. Doom Eternal allows you to move at any time, not only easily inadvertently killing the faltering enemies, but with new equipment options that help Glory Kill become one of the many useful options in the arsenal your destruction.

    For example, the new device launcher gives you a set of three slow-launch projectiles that add a new layer of action. The Flame Belch will set enemies on fire, who will then drop tons of armor every time they are shot, the Ice Bomb will freeze demons safely for a short time, and the grenade launcher is clearly an explosive. Perfect after dinner for a new flock of frozen animals. It is clear that the basic food class enemies like zombies and goblins are no longer really the targets of a blind massacre, they are an important source of health, ammunition and armor. Knowing when and how to get rid of it is just a delicate layer of cake when fighting in Doom Eternal.


     Accompanied by eight main weapons and a variety of special equipment, a devastating giant enemy that has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will have to use the ice bomb to eliminate whiplash, while the carcass demons create weak shields with plasma rifles and dread knights fall prey to Chaingun. It's pretty easy to switch weapons as needed, but the cool thing about Doom Eternal is that you will be switching weapons constantly. Combat encounters throw countless different enemies at you and try to stay with your favorite weapon or not create resources for yourself with Glory Kills and Flame Belches which can lead to rapid defeat. . I found myself through battles in the middle of the game, because I used Flame Belch as often as possible and used a grenade launcher in combination with Ice Bomb. As soon as I corrected these errors, I found myself tearing the corpses with delight.

     Another important aspect of Doom Eternal anchored in the ball pattern is that the maneuvering options are considerably improved in the game. In the previous game, you can run and jump. End of list. Doom Eternal has upgraded Doomslayer from a slow death machine to graceful and agile destruction. Now you can double jump, as well as dive into the air twice, and use these abilities in combination with the different rotating poles scattered around the arena to allow you to easily get up, pass and around enemies in defending your next target and escaping death. If you want to become more sophisticated, you can use the Super Shotgun chain's cannon to knock down enemies and create momentum to send you flying across the arena instantly.

    Doom Eternal attracts each controller button in a way that no other shooter has. At the same time, these chaotic fights turned into deadly puzzles as I quickly mapped and executed combinations of attacks and the ability to destroy small enemies, destroy larger enemies and control them. you with crowd control and resource - vendors. Every brain cell I own is fully connected to Doom Eternal when I play it, and the result is incredibly elegant slaughter scenes, maybe cut scenes from any other game. In the previous Doom game, the increase in power gives you four times the damage or super speed is abundant. In Doom Eternal, I could count the number of power-ups I encountered with only two hands. Increasing power is no longer necessary when your toolbox is already too difficult and powerful.


     Although the Doom Eternal is nearly three times longer than the 2016 reboot, I've never felt any kind of drag or repetition thanks to its amazing speed. New weapons and upgrade tokens are systematically provided to you throughout the first half of the game, making it easy for you to reach your full potential and giving you new capabilities to unlock. or improve ammo, blood, and armor to allow you to grow as an enemy. Growing up The variety of activities offered also keeps things up to date, with many platform riddles scattered in quiet moments of campaigns and cleverly designed boss meetings to check you and you. reflex, in a whole new way. Although not available during the evaluation stage, 1-on-2 combat mode will also be included in the game, alongside event and challenge systems to win or new character icons in the profile.

    There are also loads of collectibles and related content to explore and explore. Exploring corners of the world will unearth lovely collections of toys, music from previous ID games or collections of cheat codes on floppy disks that will eventually unlock the original Doom version that can be played OK. In addition, you can engage in secret encounters from time to time just for you a few seconds to have a unique collection of enemies, the extremely difficult Slayer Gate battles that throw everything and home. Demon's kitchen sink into the unique Battle Arena, or visit Ripatorium in your Doom Fort base for endless stretches of waves of different demons.


     Even so, you only shoot demons for him. While the game is designed to give you lots of room to rip yourself apart, Doom Eternal has an interesting legend and surprising details that will bring you as much as you want. If you are completely interested in running and shooting, Doom Eternal keeps the cutscenes and dialogue short, while providing additional entertainment bombs for your situation. Fans of the entire previous game and the entire series will be thrilled with the pulse of the campaign, but entering the different code entries gives an incredible insight into life and Doomslayer's Time will easily come back to your expectations.

   There is an aesthetic, blood and an aesthetic for the Doom Eternal world to bring it all together. As the purple colors of Mars and Hell and the melting music of the first game are back to full force, there is more diversity in the localities you visit, adding an astonishing new indicator of Colors are essential for action. Music will also wriggle with each new world you visit, when the chorus of heavy metal cries or electronic sounds will distort into iconic music, widening your eyes and blood. of the game. Immerse it all at 60 frames per second, even on a basic PS4 is a blessing, and the absolute sharpness and picture quality are a miracle.


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