Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Doodle Creatures

About Doodle Creatures:

    From an celestial being to a crazy geneticist, equipped with the technological wonder of a genetic scanner, breaking animals into their main genes and reusing them to discover many new creatures . From small insects to birds, reptiles, amphibians and even giant sea creatures. There are many combinations to explore. Even if you miss a discovery, unlock mutations that you can keep in a jar and get genetic blocks from them every few minutes. There are over a hundred animals to explore in fourteen categories such as small birds, pets, amphibians or reptiles, rodents and even magical creatures. Combine a bear with the panda's colorful genes, the kiwi with the swim gene and many other possibilities.

Features of Doodle Creatures:

A mix of logic and creativity

    Joybits had a pretty good story in barrier-free logic and puzzle games, especially with their early successes: Doodle God and Doodle Devil. It therefore makes sense to continue the matching and matching game with the new version of Doodle Creatures. Although there is a slight difference in the alchemy gameplay, Doodle Creature puts you as a geneticist with a machine that can break animals into their main genetic blocks and then combine them with others to Create new animals.


No gene is wasted, just mutations

    Even with so many potential combinations, there is still the possibility of not getting something new out of the mix. However, this is not a complete waste. An incomplete combination will lead to the creation of a mutation with a specific gene. Place the mutant in a jar and take the appropriate gene block after a defined number of minutes that you can use to make more combinations. Discover more mutations to increase your ability to create genes. You can even upgrade pots to create even better gene blocks.

Unleash more potential

     Genes have a limited lifespan, so if you want to speed up all you need to do is unlock the scanner slots. Unlocking the scanner locations will be much more effective than increasing the scanning speed, with up to nine scanners you can actually get these gene blocks as fast as you can combine them.


Some things are not so obvious

    There is a real challenge in Doodle Creatures if you like logical puzzles. But be prepared for strange things because some animal discoveries are not entirely clear. Since there are thousands of real animal species in the real world, it makes you think about the species included and how to get there. Lots of obvious animals like chickens, cats, dogs, lions and whales. But there are also kiwis, shrimps, lizards, dragonflies. Not to mention magical creatures like unicorns, sea dragons and wyverns. Despite this, the challenge is immense and the feeling of accomplishment for a discovery. 

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