Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Color Pin

About Color Pin:

    Colors make the world spin. In Color Pin, the world revolves around color! What do we mean? Color Pin is a combination of color schemes and battery packs that you have to insert each color pin into their palette on the right.
You will face a sphere with different color patterns in each level. What you need to do is click on the sphere of the corresponding color of battery. Pin it with the wrong color and the game is over. Pinning directly to an existing pin and game ends. You must fill in the blanks with the correct colored pins.

    It sounds easy, but once you start the game, you will need to refine your awareness and reflexes as this unblocked game will test you on them!

Color Pin features:

     If you think you can only take a look at Color Pin; you're very wrong The game can have a fairly simple objective, but the dynamics will certainly test your intelligence at all levels. Want to know more? Read on to discover and discover the game Other features:

It matches colors with pins!

     If the name of the game is not a deadly gift for you, this is how the color pin works: it is a combination of color game and drum game in one: you have a set of color pins (usually 10) and you have to draw them on the corresponding colors of the sphere. If you don't match, the game is over. If you press an existing pin, it is also finished. Make sure strategically and adapt to the situation!

Quick reflexes and awareness are needed

     Sure, call it a casual game but it's an occasional game that will test your perception and reflexes.

    If you are too slow, you will end up not matching the pins with the wrong color and you will start to degrade 1. If you do not pay attention to the color of the battery, you will also be in the gutter if you throw the bad.

    He's got a hoax in Color Pin; In a level, you will have 3 alternating colors whose pins 10 to 7 are red, 6 to 4 are blue and 3 to 1 are yellow. On the other hand, you will be faced with a level where the spherical pattern is black, yellow, blue, yellow and black, while the pins are all disturbed.

     There is no time penalty here. What the game only asks you to do is make sure that each pin you shoot matches the color of the ball and that you don't touch the existing ones. Take your time and breathe.

Maximum challenge

      There are more than 12 stages in the game, but moving to the 12 stages will become easy. You have to familiarize yourself with each stage before you can really beat the game at the difficult final stage.

      If you make a mistake, you will have to return to the square and repeat everything until you return. There is no progress recorded here nor any type of boost. It's just you, your power and your skill.

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