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Clash Royale


Download Clash Royale PC to your computer | Hacks, best decks, tips

Pit Kingdoms against kingdoms in this famous tower defense strategy game developed by Supercell! Clash Royale is a collection of cards + defensive towers that meet the multiplayer online arena game, including choosing the right cards to take out the best opponents. If you like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach or League of Legends (LoL), Clash Royale PC is also in your driveway!

    While the kings are sitting on their throne laughing throughout the game, you must play the role of a general or a commander and send troops to meet enemies in battle! Do not let them steal your crown or drop your tower. Can you defend your kingdom by distributing Art of War strategies?

Each game lasts a total of three minutes - the most important three minutes of your life! Bring skeletons, knights, wizards, pig riders, giants ... Collect the craziest cards of the army qualified to defend your kingdom! Go!

But first, this is what we love about Clash Royale!

So many character cards for the best game!

    The roof of the Clash Royale building is completely customizable; In fact, there are many characters to collect! You start with Archers, Knight, Giant, Arbow, Musketeer and Fireball, and continue to gather stronger cards with higher elixir points like PEKKA, Lava Hound, Golem, Three Musketeers, Barbarians, etc. Link affiliate platforms (also known as your dream team) to find out which combination works best together. There are many combos proposed on the Net, but try to develop yourself using trial and error. - it's much more interesting this way!


Fighting 2V2 battles: isn't it scary now?


     Their new 2V2 functionality is absolutely amazing when playing in a group! Join a friend or team up with an alien selected by the system and fight another pair of opponents! In 2V2 battles, elixir generation is 85% slower (1 elixir every 3.3 seconds). Earn twice as sweet as you earn with others! Of course, the King combined towers have 20% more health and two cannons. You can briefly watch your teammate's game before the game starts to see roughly his deck of cards. When your teammates plan to place a card, you will be able to see which card they have chosen before placing it.

Join Clash Royale Clan and have the community

    You can join or create a group at level 1. Create your own clan group or join a friend. However, make sure the clan is active, as guild wars are good for chests and develop together. The shared crown chest must also be filled by group members, so you must be an active clan member or join an active clan for everything to happen or everything. will become slow and slow. You can also chat and have friendly guild battles! Clash Royale clans always have room for one more in case you are looking for one or if you are leaving an existing group and want to join a new group.

Clash Royale missions to keep you informed

    There is a task tab on your game start page. You can open it to keep track of your individual tasks and have a goal in mind when playing the game, not just aimlessly playing. You can collect chests, unlock daily gifts, increase your card collection and receive rewards. There's a lot to do in Clash Royale on PC, we don't even exaggerate! Also, stay up to date on Clash Royale news to learn tips, read stories and see what trends are happening in the Clash Royale community. Clash Royale updates take place every month, adding new tasks to each patch!

Cute emoticons to make matches!

    It is a love and a hatred among the players! It can really worry you if you lose and your opponent spam nasty thumbs or crying emoticons. It's a new feature in June 2018 that Supercell has included, and there are many other less boring emoticons in the collection of emotes to collect and use! So far, at heaven, we've met a kind-hearted emote user but haha! There are new goblin and princess emoticon packs, but they must be purchased in the store!

Tips, tricks and hacks for the best Clash Royale deck

Elixir meter

    Do not start now! Wait until the elixir counter is completely filled (10 elixir points) before sending your troops. If you have a collection of elixir (6 elixir points to build), it's best to deposit only when your elixir is full or nearly full because you don't want to defend! Your opponent will know when you place the elixir that you have less points, and can send a powerful push to defeat you! Ideally, use only when your elixir is full.

If your opponent has an elixir collector, this will be detrimental to you in the long run. Think seriously about downing it by sending a credit note or using a rocket against it!

Give up your turn if it goes down

    When your building has 500 HP or less, it is best to focus on defending the building for your other buildings. Don't be stubborn in wanting to protect something that might be destroyed soon! Focus on your other towers and send troops from those towers instead of clinging to the dying tower. Focus primarily on sending troops through the Tower Tower with the Tower lost, as this is where your opponent will probably want to target.

Use emoticons / emoticons

    There are emote forums that are used as great emotional sarcasm! Because we ourselves are very influenced by these sly emoticons, we think there is a lot of truth in it. Use sarcasm to put yourself under your opponent's shoes - annoy him to throw him away, or cry + sorrow when you want him to think you made a mistake when you didn't do it, And you build your awesome ending! At the end of the game, try to end with a good note by saying "good game", after becoming such a messenger.

If you can't get the best Clash Royale decks to beat your opponents, join the psychological battle!

It is not over until it is finished

     Secure your victory by making sure you have the last round in your pocket! Therefore, many times "flips" and "surprises" occur when the player thinks that he won and stopped sending troops, and instead wait for their current team to clear the towers. ! This is a huge mistake because the opponent can still send troops! They may not have given up yet! A rocket launcher can completely destroy your current team, then it will shock you by releasing an army and cavalry. Before you know it, you panic and send troops too late. Sound familiar? Do not let this scenario happen to you!

Check your stats and the best Clash Royale exchanges on its official website

    Want to know your Clash Royale stats? You can refer to it through the official statistics page. Here you will find the best players from your area and the world. Graphics change weekly and are available at the end of each month.

On this page, you will also discover the Clash Royale Best Deck list that you can use anytime because you have the right cards. Now you will finally see the best player with the best deck of cards for Clash Royale.

About the cheat code in Clash Royale:

   Cheating in Clash Royale is impossible because it is a multiplayer game. The only way to do it is to hack it, but there is a severe penalty if you do it. In short, hacking Clash Royale results in a permanent ban. Cheating on Clash Royale is a must and the only way to win the game, as the Dark Souls community and the rest of the competitive multiplayer scene say, GIT GUD.

Also, don't trust the Clash Royale hack tool. These are just malware that will make you think you are getting the best soil. If you are looking for a suitable hack for Clash Royale, just follow our tips and advice.

Earn Clash Royale chests without paying

    Yes, you can earn chests without paying real money. In fact, winning matches always reward you with chests based on your rank! If you are wondering about the Clash Royale thoracic cycle, we recommend that you visit their official statistics page.

Remember to customize your own deck of cards even outside of the game

     Supercell offers your own Clash Royale Builder, in which you can create your own presets and choose your favorite cards. The deck builder in Clash Royale will be updated when you reconnect to the game.

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