Wednesday, March 18, 2020


About Circles:

    This is a simple puzzle game in which all you need to do is remove the circles from the board according to a template provided. Developed by Tweensoft as a puzzle game on an online browser, no need to download or install. Click and play! The simple puzzle mini-game is the perfect companion to relax after a hard day at work or to pass the time. In addition, they are suitable for all ages and are easy to access. Children will appreciate the colored circles when they find creative ways to adapt the pattern. Even adults can take on a challenge when trying to use special circles and even strength will increase the overall high score.

 Do not forget the time

     What is a puzzle game without any challenges? It's easy to get a sample after the sample if there's no time limit, but since the goal is to get a high score, you need certain parameters. Honestly, you have more time for each completed form, it's not much, but if you're fast, you can extend the game in minutes. It is easy to enter, but quite hard to master when considering time limits. Especially if you are trying to get good grades. But things get really complicated when you achieve models 6 and up.

Use special circles Unlock special features

      Try combining special circles in your models to further increase your score. Some will help clear the board a bit by blowing up neighboring circles in a row, it's a quick way to get new circles and more potential patterns. When connecting with special circles, you can also unlock once, using special features that will delete a circle or even all circles in one color. Or have the opportunity to pause in time for these very complex patterns when you reach higher levels.


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