Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Chess Challenges

About Chess Challenges:

Do you think you are a chess prodigy? Want to take the ranks of the great masters? Ravamatic's chess challenges will really get your brain in trouble with brainy chess puzzles not for inexperienced brains. Riddles are one thing, but this game goes far. These advanced chess puzzles are not for beginners, a basic understanding of chess is of no use.
You will need to understand more advanced strategies and think carefully about each puzzle. Thank goodness, there is no time limit, otherwise this game is absolutely not suitable for anyone who is not professional. Not to say that this game is not fun, Chess Challenges is ideal for smart brains who really want to advance their brains. Be careful, frustration and depression are potential side effects.

Difficult chess functions:

     A chess game is above all a mental game. To keep new players from being overwhelmed by the game's brain energy needs, Chess Challenges compensates for this with a whimsical aesthetic that will help you relax every time you play. See below for other cool features:

Animated films

     No one likes to be told that they are not as smart as they think they are. The chess challenge calms the blow realizes that you have an average intelligence with bizarre chess pieces and colorful and soft chessboards.


    Kings are real kings and pawns, queens, bishops and even knights look like big horses. Watch the king sweat when examined, then lock him up when you have a server. The cartoon animation is clean and fluid, removing some of the pressure from brain challenges and brain twists.

If you think you know chess, think again

   Playing chess is one thing; it is another thing entirely when launched at the end of a game in which the goal is to mate in 3 countries or less. The difference between finding a strategy between the two and creating it yourself is huge.
Chess masters are known to see a few steps forward, they can even predict the potential movements of the opponent. It would be a pretty neat skill, so this game would be a walk in the park. However, the great thing is that the Chess Challenge brings the complexity of chess to ordinary people like us.

To the king


    It is so cute that you have to solve a difficult way to solve a puzzle. The overall objective is to reach the enemy king by lowering the tower of his castle. But to do this, you must lower the bricks with bricks using bombs and other explosives obtained when you complete a puzzle level.

    Earn bombs and explosives to detonate the bricks of the enemy king's castle when you complete a chess puzzle. The levels are based on the size of each brick in the tower. A small brick is a puzzle in which you must associate in 1, the medium bricks must be associated in 2 and the large bricks must be associated in 3.

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