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Castle Defense

About Castle Defense:

    You are alone and your castle is surrounded by dark worlds. Cruel creatures and monsters are coming towards you and aim to destroy your castle and the people inside. As a witch, only you have the power to defeat invading monsters and bring them back to the abyss. Choose an avatar from the different tropics and unlock powerful spells that will help you fight off evil hordes that are moving towards the walls of your castle.
Improve your basic skills. Increase your power to inflict additional damage, your health to resist punishing attacks from goblins and even your critical chance to immediately pick up heavy targets. Each level increases difficulty, so plan carefully how you will improve and the spells you will bring to defense. If not, you may not live to reach the next wave.

Castle Defense, Cheats & Hacks game features:

      When imagining meeting classic arcade games. Castle Defense promises to bring you the best of both worlds by giving you a nostalgic feel of what the classic game is going on while pairing up with highly imaginative gameplay for Let you play as a mighty witch defending your castle. If you want to know more about its awesome features, just read below:

Rocket command meets the Lord of the Rings

    A high fantasy version of a popular classic arcade game. Castle Defense is very similar to the old school game, Rocket Command, about the golden age of arcade machines.

    You have a duty to protect your castle from countless creatures and monsters walking towards the wall of your castle. If they pass through your defenses and hit the walls, you only have a limited amount of blood to counter them before breaking the castle walls. You are a witch, one of the four heroes to choose from. Armed with your mystical power, you can shoot enemy invaders from the tower and unlock powerful spells that can instantly freeze, delay or even kill enemies.

Improve and unlock spells

     Between each step, you have the opportunity to improve your spells. Choose from a range of attributes to increase your damage, speed, health and even the ability to suppress basic attacks.
Upgrade your towers to unlock powerful spells that can knock down many enemies in an explosion, freeze them in their place and many other effects that will help you fight the assaults of bad creatures away.

Evil evolves in stages

     With each new step, the number and difficulty of the creatures begin to increase. From bats to goblins and other monsters at many later stages, you will need to keep your mind on you and plan your improvements accordingly.

For some monsters with large amounts of health, are you going to focus on increasing your overall damage or trying to unlock spells that can target multiple enemies at once?

Special combination of staff and dress

    Passing the following steps will help you unlock special staff and capes that have effects that help you kill many enemies and even stronger creatures.

     Use image propagation and other effects to increase the power of each basic attack. However, keep in mind that your enemies are also stronger in stages. Many more difficult combinations and monsters will appear as you progress, and their health also increases, making seemingly weaker monsters get stronger when mixed with powerful creatures.

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