Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Candy Mahjong

About Candy Mahjong:

That is Mahjong candy! Match all pairs of similar candies by connecting them horizontally or vertically, just like you play mahjong to clear the board! However, do not take too much time because pairing is limited in time. Rest assured that when you can make a pair, your watch will have time! Match as many people as possible before time runs out! Now you can try it out on your own PC and watch your screen fascinate you with these beautiful creatures!


Here are our favorite features:

  • Mahjong for everyone

The soft and cute graphics of the game really make it a good game for all ages! Who knows that mahjong is for everyone? The image of sweet treats and the simple mechanics make it an excellent YES for the young generation. It's catchy, it allows you to focus but to relax at the same time and in the end, it's ATTRACTIVE!

  • Level up!

Matching candy may seem like an easy task for everyone, but more than that, Candy Mahjong allows players to experience difficult rounds! When you clear the board before the time runs out, you can move on to the next 12 rounds! When you complete all rounds, the game takes you one step ahead and adds unexpected challenges to the game!

  • Improve your game

Tired eyes are what you get by playing a good game, especially when you have to look for 70 pairs of candy! No need to panic and no longer worry about being stuck without an appropriate pair as you can use boosters to support you. The buttons on the green bulb are there to give you a hint and allow you to see a matching pair. So no need to be noisy, relax and enjoy the game! Otherwise, you can just click pause, take a deep breath and start over.

  • Take note of the weather!

We know you are playing non-blocked games because you want to relax, but despite the relaxing vibrations you get from these games, you can actually kill time playing this game! This game allows you to match as many as possible in about 190 seconds (as seen at the bottom of the screen). For each candy you match, you can get an extra 10 seconds (more or less) in your watch. You have to make sure you don't waste precious time and work as hard as you can to beat the clock. The more candies you combine, the more space you have to adapt!

  • Keep moving!

Really, the only way to improve and beat your high score is to keep trying! You may be familiar with entry and exit games and you will discover new tricks just for you! So keep hitting and keep moving!

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