Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Calming Lia

About Calming Lia:

    Help Lia fight the monsters hiding in her dreams in this awesome and beautiful game developed by Mingle Games developer Calming Lia. The game has a 3-puzzle puzzle mechanism, in which you have to match 3 elements horizontally or vertically to give Bao, your panda friend, the magic power to defeat monsters. Immerse yourself in the deep and wonderful world of dreams and find out what is going on in your sleep.
    Calming Lia is unlike any other 3-jigsaw puzzle you have ever played. With a smooth interface and smooth animations, you will have to look at your screen in amazement in front of the superb graphics of the game. Embark on a puzzle adventure that will bring you the wildest and most pleasant experience with Calming Lia.


Awesome Calming Lia game feature:

      Calming Lia has many different game features that will help you connect for hours. Experience the fun and excitement of browsing through the levels and challenges of the game This is a sleepy game that will give you a very addictive gameplay.

Hundreds of levels to play


    Calming Lia provides hundreds of levels that you can be excited about. You will never run out of challenges to beat because the game has countless levels with different difficulty levels from easy to hard. Even fastidious gamers with long 3-piece puzzles have found a new reason to play Calming Lia. The game is a perfect combination of fun and challenge. Play Calming Lia on PC / Mac and experience challenges that will improve your thinking and brain training.

Stunning puzzle game


     Calming Lia is not your usual puzzle game. While most puzzles only present challenges, Calming Lia provides both functionality and appearance. Besides the various challenges that you can get at levels, the game also offers stunning graphics comparable to the best games on the market. Mingle Games, the studio behind Calming Lia, is doing everything to make the game one of the world's most beautiful puzzle adventures.

Easy to use controls

     The game has intuitive controls that even children will have no trouble understanding mechanics. If you're looking for an easy-to-play game that doesn't require a steep learning curve, Calming Lia is the perfect game for you. This is a great time-killing game because it doesn't require your concentration. You can do something by playing Calming Lia. Orders are easy to remember!

Soothing soundtrack

     Improve the quality of your sleep with soothing background music and soothing music from Calming Lia. The game is designed to be played overnight. Playing Calming Lia for a few minutes every day will make you feel relaxed and give you a better quality of sleep. Try it today!

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