Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Blocky Warrior

About Blocky Warrior:

    Blocky Warrior is an unblocked game that combines the essentials of a turn-based role-playing game and classic block puzzle games. You are an anonymous protagonist who has received the power of the gods for physical and fundamental power. You are frightened by mortals, but you threaten the supernatural creatures hiding in the forest.
As the champion of the people, you are a warrior determined to end the wave of enemies that will destroy humanity as we know it.

     With the fast-paced and difficult block-matching gameplay becoming more difficult as you pass the game, Blocky Warrior combines elements of classic action RPGs and brain-teasing block puzzles.

Now available to play on PC for free online!


Blocky Warrior features:

     Mix the classic feel of a turn-based role-playing game with the intuitive puzzles of classic puzzle games; Blocky Warrior has something for every player. Read on to learn more about the features of this game:

A combination of turn-based role-playing and classic block puzzles

    Imagine taking the gameplay of Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Bookworm Adventures, Bejeweled and Candy Crush and transforming it into a fascinating 2D fantasy adventure: you get Blocky Warrior!

     He has one of those games that doesn't seem to end and a great time processing tool (in a good way) that will keep you playing for hours! It's fun, it's full, it's very rewarding, and that's why we love it. We are sure you will like it too!

 If you don't know how to block the proper mechanisms, it will look like this:

     You must drag the mouse to the right icons to use this ability, whether it attacks, defends, heals, or uses elemental power. The donation icons must be aligned - you just have to be very close to each other to perform such actions and that makes this game seem endless!

     There is no phase without movement here because every time you match blocks there will always be a lot waiting for a match!

Turn-based action turns into block puzzles

     Turn-based games always offer you 4 or more actions when it takes place in turn. This game won to wait for the turn because Blocky Warrior has a stopwatch instead. Let the stopwatch run out and the enemy will move attacking you. Keep combining and your winning enemies can do it all.

    There are 4 actions to perform depending on the blocks: Attack (sword), protection (shield), healing (potion), throw (thunder), higher level (crystal).

Unlock new powers

      When you pair 4 or more blocks 3 times in a row, you will receive a random power that you can use to make devastating moves! Call an asteroid, move your enemies away, freeze them to death or create a powerful force field that will absorb a lot of damage!
Just tap the source you want to use and activate it using the thunder blocks. The more blocks you combine in one go, the stronger your final distribution will be!

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