Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Birdy Rush

About Birdy Rush:

Do you like unobstructed arcade or HTML5 games? If you do, it's time for you to play and explore Birdy Rush. This arcade game can be played for free on your computer (PC and Mac), no need to download or install anything, just click and play anytime. Birdy Rush is an addictive skill game that will test your intelligence and speed. Your goal is to help the cute little bird collect as many delicious seeds as possible without being crushed by many cascading bins. You can use the beads you have collected to unlock new friends and landscapes. Do you think you can reach the top of the barrel? Play Birdy Rush now and find out how high you can climb.

Birdy Rush game features:

     Birdy Rush mixes its interesting classic graphics with gameplay that will transform a casual player into a demanding player. In addition, Birdy Rush can also be played in six different languages ​​to give more players the opportunity to enjoy the game. Learn more about the game, the other features below:

Extremely addictive gameplay


      As mentioned above, the goal is to collect grain without getting crushed by falling barrels. Very simple but this simple objective fascinates all players. The boxes get taller and while you can climb on the boxes, many others fall, so you have to be very careful. Collect as many particles as possible to unlock other characters and buy new landscapes to make your game more interesting. Currently the game has 150 levels and will be more difficult as you progress.

Old school but cool graphics

     The game has pixel graphics in a very colorful background. There are clouds above and pine trees in the background. The falling boxes look like real ones and the cute little bird stands out on your screen. As you advance, the landscape will change so that you never get bored in this mini-game.

Can play in 6 different languages


     Birdy Rush can be played in 6 languages ​​for people who cannot speak or read English. Simply click on the flag in the upper left of the screen and the player can choose between France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, England and Italy by clicking on the corresponding flag. The instructions for the spoken languages ​​are also accessible by clicking on the small icon I in the middle of the screen.

Easy to understand commands and menus

    When you open the game, you will immediately see four boxes in the middle of the screen. The first box at the top will allow you to choose the type of bird you want to play with, however, you will need to reach a certain level before others are available. The pin icon on the left will allow you to choose the world you want to play, again you have to reach a certain level before you can unlock new worlds. The round icon in the center is for playing games, the small I symbol is for instructions and the bottom icon is the music icon, you can choose whether you want to play with music or not.

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