Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Baseball for Clowns

About Baseball for Clowns:

If you don't like clowns as much as Hank, the free baseball games from Baseball for clowns will bring you joy and excitement. These annoying clowns try to provoke Hank again after destroying his baseball career, but he won't allow it. Join him as he recovers his baseball bat and hits these clowns and frowns. Defeat their donkeys, redirect your life's frustration to them and help revenge against Hank. Use your sports intelligence and find out where the ball will go. Beat 2 or 4 clowns at once and defeat them all! Get 3 stars and use your ball wisely.

Clicking and playing the online game unlocks the Clown Baseball. Help Hank defeat these clowns and complete each level with 3 stars!


The reason we like this game is because of the following features:

Difficult level

     In the first levels, you will encounter 2 to 3 clowns, but when you play more levels, you must defeat 4 or more clowns. You will be challenged to defeat as many clowns as possible in a yard to keep the ball for another shot. If you want a tough but fun online baseball game, then Clown Baseball is a good game for you.

Easy game controls

     The game is easy to play because you just have to drag the mouse then click. Follow the direction in which the cursor is pointing, and this will be the direction of the ball. Move in any direction to calculate where you should hit the ball. When you determine your target direction, click and release the ball. As simple as that!

Bounce the ball on the wall

     The best way to defeat donkeys is to beat them at the same time. But how do you do this? Throw the ball against the wall so that it hits one clown and bounces on the other. The cursor is there for you as a guide, so be sure to enlarge it to see where the ball will bounce.

Get 3 stars

     Hank was a baseball player before clowns ruined his career. Show the clowns that Hank still has the skills. Beat all their buttocks and aim to earn 3 stars at all levels. Clown baseball is considered to be one of the best offline baseball games for a reason.

Useful obstacles

     As the game progresses, you will encounter different obstacles at each level. But, these obstacles can be used to your advantage! Practice your way around the level and use the obstacles to defeat the clown.

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