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Avakin Life – 3D


Download Avakin Life 3D Virtual World for PC - Avakin Life Updates

    Escape a limited reality and plunge into Avakin Life - 3D Virtual World, a world where you can bend or break the rules, without hurting your parents in the back!

    What if we told you that you could escape the rules and parents by going to a virtual world that allows you to create your own apartment, make new friends online, travel, explore , looking for work and owning a pet? Does this sound too good to be true? But not entirely with Avakin Life! The best unlocking game in a virtual 3D world that Google sites can never beat.

Earn and use avacoin to fund your independent dream! You start with about 1250 avacoin, a free apartment with furniture and 150 giant gems! With avacoin and your premium gem, you can use it to explore the world of Avakin Life. Personalize your home with wallpaper, sofas, tables ... Not enough avacoin? Get a job or share an apartment with your friends! It's about making Avakin your world with exciting decisions to take control of Avakin's life!

Here are some of our favorite features!

Customize your own avakin (avatar)!

     When creating your account, you can choose from more than 16 avakins! Can you find a page that you really like in the default page? Don't worry, you can customize your avakin later in the game - clothes, hair styles, facial adjustments, compositions! Customize their clothes or their skin color and their eyes! Create your own avakin - recreate an avakin like you or someone else, it's different from you to design an avakin canvas! You can also choose a name for your avakin (don your full name!), We chose gracieloufreebie, (add us as friends?)

Personalize your apartment

    Put your vision of design in virtual reality by recreating the type of space you want. Yes, free wallpapers and floor tiles are nothing beautiful, so we went ahead and bought more beautiful pieces, at a slightly higher price. Check out our soft pink gold wallpaper (we want it in real life) and mahogany floor tiles (it cost us over 350 avacoins!). The point here is to make your apartment comfortable or baloney - it all depends on you! If you don't want to be alone, there are also shared apartments, invite your friends and family to the game and you can play together in this virtual reality game (as if you haven't seen enough of their IRL) !

Customize everything else

    You can customize appliances, beds, couches, tables, music, cars, toiletries and even get your own petkin! If your parents have never allowed you to have pets in the house, and they may say they never will, then this is too sad. Avakin Life welcomes a range of very cute dogs, cats and other pets! Now you can have fun with a pet in your virtual apartment without having to worry about the fur that sticks to your bed and clothes, or they wet your stuff in real life!

Lots to do in Avakin World!

     You can travel, find a job, share an apartment or just hang out with friends or new people by socializing! You can buy or play games. Do you want to relax in your friend's comfortable cradle instead of your boring cradle at the start of the game? Of course, jump after sending a message to your friend! Get your gypsy desires put to work when you go to special places in the game: Egypt? Find out! Unleash your inner adventure; solve puzzles and open chests to receive avacoins or other fun stuff!

Have fun in Avakin Life, relax!

     You can apply for a job in the hottest places in town, or just go out to a dance club with great music! Why not hit the club and hang out by the pool when the sun goes down in the background? It's a very cold card and people can't be under pressure! Sit in the club room when you go to the IRL restroom - you can keep letting your avakin do what he wants in the background while you do other things. You don't have to finish tasks or challenges over time, it's just a world to kick back and relax! Try the dance moves, chat with other avakins!

Avakin Life Tips :

How to level up faster in Avakin Life

  •  Chat about a storm: Chat with as many people as possible and you will start earning points! It's important to not just chat with the same person every time you log in. Talk to others. The more friends you have and the more you chat, the faster you level up!
  • Apartment reviews: Apartment reviews created by people (there are a lot) to get more points. Thousands of apartments created by the community are fun to watch and can inspire your own home!
  • Pet feeding / care: It is important to feed and ensure that your pets are well taken care of!
  • Give to other users: the generous pay in this game! Literal meaning!
  • Join the community: actively visit social sites, dance and chat with people, etc. And you will continue to become more popular ... Create a social dynamic!
  • Do fun activities or tours: travel to Egypt or dive into the sea - doing many exciting activities and activities repeatedly will get you lots of experience points!
  • Watch events: there are special events that Avakin Life introduces to players as the next Mermaid (July 22, 2018 to July 29, 2018). An unnamed beautiful mermaid visits the coast of the world of Avakin! If you find it in the game, it will give you special gifts! Who knows what they will contain? Perhaps things are worth more than the things you can find on earth.

How to get more money

     Log in daily to get daily rewards, visit your apartment at least once a day and take it to the next level! Watching videos and advertisements will also help you get money. In general, these coins are quite easy to get.

Don't be rude to the people of Avakin Life

      This is a dangerous game if your game is in the landfill. If you are extremely rude to others, they can report you. If you get six negative reports, you will be banned from the game, then all your hard work to get parts, beautify your apartment and take care of your pet .. will disappear! Even the Avakin Life scam doesn't save you from the ban.

Conversely, if you encounter a member who constantly harasses you to the extent that he even creates an alternate account to harass you, don't hesitate to contact Avakin Life's support.

Get a job

    It is the most effective way to make money from Avakin Life. You can get a part-time job as a barista or bartender, at 23 Street Street Cafe or at Sundown Club. When you get the job, you need to learn how to fill orders from customers who pay with avacoins or gems. With each completed order, you can earn "avabucks" and experience points! What to do with avabucks? Exchanging them with ATMs is easy to find at both workplaces!

Outside the game, never watch third-party shows

    ioGround Space is here to remind you that in addition to our tips and tricks, there are some websites that offer any hack or Avakin Life mod. We strongly recommend that you stay away from these sites because they are likely to endanger your computer and personal data. They may say that they will give you endless Avakin Life coins, but in fact, this is just a big hoax.

Sounds like a fun escape from the real world, though?

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