Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Animal Connection

About Animal Connection:

     Think of it as Noah when he built the boat and brought two types of animals to the ship. You have to find pairs of animal tiles and match them to the nearest exact brick. This free online matching game is fun for all ages. Sure, it's like a breeze, but there is always so much fun to be had. Especially after a tiring day at the office, or maybe you've had toxic homework. Destroying and relaxing with an easy-to-play game will not make you more stressed and frustrated. Relaxing music for babies also provides comfort after a very long day. However, the challenge of combining cells will keep you busy for hours.

Animal connection puzzle function:

     Simple and fun. This is what Animal Connection promises to its users. A game that lets you have fun without complicated gameplay is obviously the most remarkable feature of Animal Connection. In addition, the game's graphics add another layer of light to its overall appearance. It has a Viking atmosphere without pressure with pretty illustrations. Read on for more features:

How about a change of pace?

    Children's games can be extremely simple and basic, but everyone knows that they still have a lot of fun playing. Especially if you come from a toxic day at the office or maybe teachers and professors have decided to accumulate homework.

   Animal Connection is a simple online puzzle game, in stark contrast to complex video games and generally violent today. Games don't mean more stress and frustration, at least that's not what you want to see happening. Music relaxes and brings you back to a time of less worry and when everyone's right. The simple game relieves stress when trying to find complex game rules and mechanics, but still presents a true challenge that really shatters the brain.

Cute and cuddly

    Animal Connection, of course, is aimed at a younger age group, with childlike drawings and pencil motifs. For an adult, it is actually quite gentle. It's really a game for all ages, no one is too old to play puzzle games! There are no levels or upgrades you need to unlock during the time-consuming grinding process, but you'll be shocked by the number of times you encounter this "one more try" syndrome after wiping the board.

It was like Noah's boat

      The point is simple, just find a matching pair for each animal. Easier said than done because the rule is to have a direct connection between the two tiles. A direct connection usually means up to 2 or 3 turns, the less the better. You also cannot bend around other tiles. It is very simple and offers a lot of challenges, especially in hard mode. No, it won't win any puzzle game prizes, but at least it will work your brain instead of not working.

     This is basic work from the outside. Obviously, there are some tiles side by side, but if you look closely at the edges, you will find direct connections to the outside. Remember that you cannot go around the corners of the board.

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