Tuesday, March 17, 2020

7×7 Ultimate

About  7×7 Ultimate:

Do you have something for the puzzles? Do you like construction and building blocks? If so, it's time for you to start playing 7 × 7 Ultimate. This unblocked HTML5 game has created a breath of fresh air in the casual Tetris game we all know. In this puzzle game, you have to move the colored pieces of the block into four pieces the same color as a line, then let it disappear. You must not authorize the end of the blocks, otherwise your game will be over. With blocks randomly placed on the board, your goal is to move them around and create lines, columns and lines of the same color while new blocks are added each time you move. Play the game now and have fun!


Features of the ultimate 7 × 7 game:

     Block puzzle games are often among the most complex game genres and 7x7 Ultimate is no different. Playing countless challenges will definitely test the intelligence of any player, this game will make people instantly fascinated. In addition, the game can also be played by non-native English players, which gives the game a more global appeal. More game features, just read below:

Challenges will surprise you

    Tetris games are really fun, all you have to do is put the same shapes and colors and that's it, but 7x7 Ultimate is a bit harder. You also have to create combos to get a higher score, but don't wait too long, otherwise your screen will be filled with blocks and new movements will be impossible. Your concentration and fast movement should always be at its best, because things can get messy easily and you don't want to miss the motion.

Great music and beautiful interface

     The game has neon colors that are not too bright and do not cause eye pain. The blocks have two colors instead of a boring monochrome. Color blind people can play games because the colors are very different and not difficult to understand. You can dance to the upbeat soundtrack while matching colors. Overall, the combination of sound and colors in this game is very attractive to players of all ages and genres. You may notice a rainbow colored block, which can be associated with any color.

Can be played by non-English speaking players

    Players who do not speak or understand English can enjoy the game as much as the instructions and language settings are available in 6 different languages. Just click the gear icon and choose a language, then select in the flag of the language you speak. You can speak English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian, you can set the game according to the language you choose.

Difficulty levels vary

    Currently, there are four levels you can play. Each level has a different number of blocks, the higher the level, the higher the number of blocks that will appear next. An example at level, when you make a move, three new blocks will appear, at level two, there will be four blocks, five blocks at level 3 and six blocks at level four, you must pay attention to each movement. If not, don't fill your screen with too many blocks.

Other options

    If you have other things to do, you can pause the game by clicking on the pause icon in the lower right corner and return to where you left off. There is also a Cancel button in the upper right corner, so you can reverse your last move. You can also reset the game if you are not satisfied with your performance.


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